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We are the company that provides the best HR Software for startups, enterprises, and all sizes of businesses. We are a marketplace for all the HR software in India as we have partnered with companies like DarwinBox, KekaHR, Zimyo, PocketHRMS, greytHR, and more. We are a dedicated team that understands the needs of a client and help them close the apt HR software for their company.

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Discover the "Top 100 Emerging HR Leaders of 2019" through our rigorous selection process, evaluating innovation, influence, dedication to employee well-being, brand success, vision, competitiveness, and commitment to new age HR practices. Join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of HR leaders who have made a significant impact on the industry.

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Founders, Co-founders, and CEOs of startups based in India

Employees, partners, and collaborators who believe in the startup's vision

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