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Get Free 18 Best HRMS Software Demos

Opt Free HRMS Software Demos


KekaHR is currently the leading HR Software company in India. They've been available in the market around 8 years. They provide you with complete HR-related solutions. In Short, it is a one-stop solution for all your HR-related needs.

Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 60 per employee per month.

4. Employee Onboarding
5. Professional Services Automation
6. Talent Management
7. Real-Time Insights
8. Mobile Application and GPS tracking

HR One

HR One embarked on its journey in 2016 with a mission to conquer and simplify the complex and traditional methods of HR Processes. By 2017 they successfully made their place in the market and are now handling around 250+ companies.

Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 50 per employee per month.

4. Helpdesk Management Software
5. Mobile App
6. Employee Engagement
7. Expense Management
8. Asset Management
9. recruitment Software


greytHR was founded in 2009 to provide a complete integrated cloud-based HR Software to companies that are also very cost-effective. They have provided services to companies like Volvo, Chai Point, Teamlease, and more.

Pricing: Starting at just Rs. 30 per employee per month.

4. Attendance Management
5. Employee Self Service
6. Performance Management System
7. Mobile App


Darwinbox is a special computer program that helps companies with all the things related to their employees, from when they are hired until they leave the company. It was made to make the HR department's job easier and to make employees happy.

Pricing: Contact Seller

4. Rewards & Recognition
5. Travel & Expense
6. Payroll Software
7. Compensation Planning
8. Employee Helpdesk
9. People Analytics


Devendra Khandegar founded Kredily, and it is an HR and Payroll software. This software's best feature is that they provide free services and software to companies. So companies with an employee structure of 20 to 30 employees can easily use Kredily to process attendance, leave, and payroll.

Pricing: Free Forever

4. HR Management
5. Attendance App
6. Salary Structure
7. Statutory Compliance
8. Tax Management
9. Payslip Generator

247 HRMS

247HRM was founded in 2016, and they have successfully managed to have 1500+ clients till now. They are actively changing and updating their features to give their clients the best service. you can request HRMS software demo to get a firsthand look at their capabilities.

Pricing: The plan starts at Rs. 30 per employee per month.

4. Income tax
5. Attendance Time tracking
6. Employee Data Management

Opportune HR

If you are looking for cost-effective HR Software that provides complete HRMS solutions, then OpportuneHR is your answer. They have a dedicated team constantly working on automation solutions to offer their clients the best operations.

Pricing: Free Forever

4. HR Analytics
5. On-Boarding
6. Training Management
7. Performance Management
8. Expense & Travel Management


UBS stands for ultimate business systems. UBS has excellent UI and UX compatibilities, making it easier for customers to operate software like it. Take care of your business and maintain all your HR processes.

Pricing: Start 15 Days Free Trial

4. Loan Management
5. Self Service portal
6. Salary Slip Generation
7. Reports And Analytics

Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a modern software that helps companies manage their human resources. It uses the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, making it very convenient. It covers all HR tasks and is easy to use.

Pricing: ₹2495/mo for upto 50 employees then ₹40/employee/month

4. Mobile Payroll App
5. Performance Management
6. Full and Final
7. HR MIS Reports

Zoho People

Zoho People is one of the most famous HR Software currently in the indian market. They provide you with all the features a company might require, from Performance management to training and development and Core HR like Attendance, Leave, Payroll, and more.

Pricing: ₹40/employee/month.

4. Expense Management
5. HR analytics
6. Attendance Management

Pagar Book

PagarBook is famous for providing features like attendance, leave, and payroll. And among of its best features is that they provide facial attendance through the lens. Manage all your Core HR at your fingertips.

Pricing: Free Forever

4. Payroll Software
5. Easy Invoicing and Billing

AkriviaHCM - HRMS Software Demo


AkriviaHCM is one of the fastest-growing HR software companies in India; they are helping companies of all sizes to acquire and help and solve all HR related problems. They cater to 100+ enterprises and have 200k happy customers all over.

Pricing: Free Forever

4. Expense management
5. Payroll Management
6. Attract, Assess, Interview, and Onboard
7. Measure, Drive Employee
8. Learning Development
9. Rewards Recognition


One of the best software solutions platforms in India, uKnowva helps businesses scale and automate routine tasks from hiring to retirement. Using these all-encompassing AI-supported solutions, uKnowva digitally revolutionizes both current and future businesses.

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 60 per employee/user per month.

4. Projects & Timesheets
5. Employee Management and Collaboration
6. Helpdesk for Employees


Spine is one of the leading HR software that provides cutting-edge, completely integrated solutions that make working with companies and employees simple and effective. They have committed towards excellence which sets them apart from all the other HR software.

Pricing: Contact Seller

4. Payroll Software
5. Easy Invoicing and Billing


Paybooks were started in 2012, and since then, they have been providing their HR services along with payroll outsourcing to more than 3000+ companies. Paybooks are on a mission to make HR processes easy for everyone so that the employees and companies are both compliant.

Pricing: ₹2,999/month (Up to 30 employees)

4. Expense management
5. Payroll Management
6. Attract, Assess, Interview, and Onboard
7. Measure, Drive Employee
8. Learning Development
9. Rewards Recognition


Qandle is an innovative cloud-based HR software designed for progressive businesses. This all-inclusive solution takes care of every aspect of HR, from hiring to the retirement of an employee. To experience its features firsthand, you can request a Qandle HRMS software demo.

Pricing: The plan starts at ₹2450 per month, up to 50 employees.

4. Employee Records, Profiles, Assets
5. Regular Feedback and Training
6. Employee Exits and Clearance Process

Get Munshi ai

You may now simply handle your HR procedures over WhatsApp by accessing your HR software through Munshi. Yes, you read that correctly. Mushi is available to assist you in quickly automating your payroll and HR procedures via the WhatsApp platform.

Pricing: Contact Seller

4. Paycheck Management
5. Real-time updates
6. Reimbursement Management
7. Onboarding


At the moment, BambooHR is one of India's top HR software solutions, supporting about 2,500,000 workers and over 26,000 clients. BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software that offers comprehensive HR solutions to all kinds of businesses with the goal of managing and optimizing HR processes.

Pricing: Starting price ranges from $5 to $8

4. Reporting & Analytics
5. Hiring & Onboarding
6. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
7. Payroll, Time & Benefits
8. Benefits Administration
9. Employee Experience & Performance

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