Top 20 Payroll Software for Enterprises in 2024

Top 20 Payroll Software for Enterprises in 2024

One critical function that’s common for enterprises across the globe is payroll management. Regardless of the size and structure of the enterprise, a smooth payroll management system plays a pivotal role in the organization’s operations. Enterprises with inefficient payroll management systems risk hampering organizational productivity due to unsatisfactory employee experience, and more manual workload on the HR department – leading to more possibilities of error. Different kinds of enterprises have various payroll and HR management systems in place. This depends on the size of the enterprise, their industry, the number of employees they have in their workforce, the statutory compliances they need to adhere to, and much more. All of these factors make it imperative to have payroll software for enterprise that provides a comprehensive solution to all your payroll management needs while streamlining your payroll processes.


The corporate world is evolving rapidly, making it imperative for all the processes to be fast and efficient. Departments such as HR and admin must ensure that their tasks won’t hamper organizational efficiency. That’s where Payroll and online Human Resources Management solutions come into the picture. They ease, automate, and take a lot of manual work off your plate so that everyone in the organization can channel their time and energy toward achieving their primary objectives.


Payroll software for enterprises calculates salaries, taxes, and other deductions. These software are designed to reduce reliance on paper and manual work, simultaneously boosting productivity within the organization. The software is also fast, easy to use, and cost-effective.

What is payroll software for enterprises?


Payroll software for enterprises is a cloud-based system that provides a comprehensive solution for employee payment management and automation. Payroll software is designed to help enterprises comply with financial regulations and tax laws by efficiently managing payroll processes. This helps the HR department to swiftly manage everyday tasks, helping them focus on important business tasks.


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What payroll challenges are faced by enterprises?

Now that you know a few things about payroll software for enterprise. Let’s discuss a few challenges faced by organizations when it comes to payroll management and processing. 


1. Compliance and regulations:


In times when labor laws and regulations are continually evolving, it’s tough to run a business smoothly. One of the biggest challenges employers face today is staying compliant with these laws. 

Making compliance mistakes in payroll processing is not an option; it is something that many businesses struggle with because the requirements are constantly changing. Failure to achieve compliance standards results in considerable costs for the organization in the form of severe fines and penalties.

All of this makes it extremely difficult for the HR department to stay on their toes at all times, particularly for manual procedures. A minor error can have far-reaching consequences for the entire business.


2. Remote work management: 


The world just went through a couple of years that changed the way we work and live. It happened during the worldwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People started working from home, and remote working became the norm. It was a transition that no one ever saw coming, or nor did they believe remote working could be effective.

It changed the way many departments worked, however the most change was seen in the HR department. Because managing a large number of employees working from different places, monitoring and maintaining their attendance, working hours, compensation, coordination, etc. became an almost impossible task. Processes such as onboarding and offboarding also became a challenge because of the amount of paperwork and meetings these things took. 

In times like these, it became critical for enterprises to have a system in place that automates these tasks and reduces the burden of the HR department. That’s where attendance and payroll software for enterprises came into action. Ever since then, these payroll software have become an integral cog in an organization’s HR system. 


3. Limitations of traditional HR methods:


Calculating working hours manually often results in errors that need a lot of time and effort to rectify. Furthermore, relying heavily on physical files and documents also increases the risk of them being misplaced or lost. Even though many businesses have been using spreadsheet-based payroll systems, they still encounter numerous challenges that continue to be unresolved. 

Which are the top 20 payroll software for enterprises in 2024? 

1. Paycor

Paycor is one of the best payroll software for enterprises available right now as well as one of the most scalable. Its self-serve portal is designed to reduce the HR department’s workload by offering employees more autonomy. In general, most software does not have an option for on-demand payment; however, Paycor does, giving the software a modest edge.  

Paycor Payroll SoftwareTop Features

Attendance Management Compliance Management Benefits Management Data Security Arrears Calculation

2. Deel

Deel is known for being a flexible and time-saving software that streamlines operations to make payroll procedures easier. Its well-designed interface is compatible with all sizes of enterprises, and it eliminates payroll mistakes, inaccurate reporting, and the need for multiple tools. The software easily integrates into your enterprise’s operations. subsequently supporting your business in areas like compliance, filings, and tax deductions. 

Deel Payroll Software

Top Features

Performance Appraisal Time & Attendance Management Compliance Management Billing & Invoicing Document Management

3. Rippling

Whether local or global, Rippling makes your payroll processes efficient and hassle-free. regardless of whether your staff is remote or multinational, Rippling simplifies payments by enabling payments in local currency without wasting time on transfers and conversions. Furthermore, it can automate almost every payroll process by customizing its workflows based on the needs of your organization, making it one of the best payroll software for enterprises. 

Riddling Payroll SoftwareTop Features

Benefits Management Expense Management Leave Management Self Service Portal Employee Lifecycle Management

4. Paychex

Paychex is an easy-to-use payroll software that provides full payroll services to businesses of various sizes. It offers a variety of packages, allowing you to select the one that best meets the demands of your organization. The software automates tax preparation, filing, and payment. This not only saves you time but also eliminates the potential for costly errors.Paychex Payroll SoftwareTop Features

Employee Self-service Analytics and Reporting Tax Calculation Manage Employee Access Comprehensive Dashboard

5. UKG

Designed and developed to serve Startups, SMEs, as well as large Enterprises. It provides end-to-end solutions to organizations when it comes to overtime calculation, calendar management, time and leave tracking, salaries and payments, and so on. Taking a huge load off the HR department’s shoulders, allowing them to focus on other vital activities.

UKG Payroll Software

Top Features

Automated Time & Attendance Proactive Recommendations Compliance Maintenance Tax Calculation User-friendly

6. Workday

The software goes beyond transactions, it is designed to transform businesses by maximizing efficiency and minimizing manual work and errors. Workday also offers a dedicated team that is hands-on with all of the laws and regulations to ensure that your company is constantly compliant, saving you from hefty fines. The advanced nature of the software allows you to keep track of your ledger in real-time, ensuring that you are aware of everything that is going on with your business at any given time. It simplifies your lives and improves your overall experience.

Workday Payroll Software

Top Features

Compensation Management Benefit Administration Time Tracking Employee Self-service Reporting & Analytics

7. Keka

Keka is one of the top payroll software for enterprises in India since it is simple to use. The software can be used from both your office as well as remote locations. The software allows users to easily release payslips in both digital and SMS formats. Keka’s goal is to simplify HR and payroll management so that everyone can use it easily and efficiently.

Keka Payroll Software

Top Features

Appraisal Management Vacation/Leave Tracking Timesheet Management Taxation & Compliance Expense Management

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8. greytHR

greytHR is one of the best payroll software for enterprises in India. The productivity tools offered by greytHR are designed to make HR and Payroll management easier, simpler, and more efficient. It also has a portal for employee self-service, improving employee engagement while saving a lot of time for both the employee as well as the HR department. 

greytHR Payroll Software

Top Features

Data Security Employee Lifecycle Management Time & Attendance Management PF/ESIS Calculation Statutory Compliance  Management

9. Gusto

With more than 1,00,000 businesses already using Gusto for purposes such as payroll management and HR management, it is one of the fastest-growing software. Because it lets you get unlimited payroll without charging extra. Furthermore, the automated payroll tax payment is a cherry on the cake while their customer support makes sure that the clients don’t face any hardship at any point. The software makes payroll management easy and efficient.

Gusto Payroll Software

Top Features

Attendance Management Back Office Assistance Taxation Management Benefits Administration Data Security

10. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is definitely, one of the best payroll software for enterprises in the market right now, it was also named the best HRMS software at the 29th edition of the World HRD Congress. The software is user-friendly and takes care of your payroll tasks. It’s a cloud-based one-stop solution for any HR department because of its extensive list of features and offerings. Not only that, it comes with an AI-enabled chatbot that assists your HR.

Pocket HRMS Payroll Software

Top Features

Appraisal Management Arrears Calculation PF/ESIS Calculation Time & Attendance Management Mobile Support

11. TriNet

TriNet is a software that helps you shift your focus on revenue-generating tasks because it takes care of all your payroll and HR-related jobs with ease. The software is developed to deliver a fully automated integration into your system. Saving your time, money, and effort on tasks that can be taken care of with ease. Trinet keeps your earnings, deductions, and taxes up-to-date. 

TRiNet Payroll Software

Top Features

Customized Benefits Analytics  Attendance & Time Management Compliance Management User-friendly Interface

12. Papaya Global

This payroll software for enterprises is power-packed with a wide range of tools that automate processes that help organizations worldwide payroll and payments. Papaya Global is designed to help your organization become more flexible and adaptable.  The main objective of the software is to improve operations and employee experience while innovating your organization’s payroll process by creating a smooth passage in your HRIS data.  

Papaya Global Payroll Software

Top Features

Benefits Management Multi-national Vacation/Leave Tracking Document Management Reporting & Analytics

13. Razorpay

Razorpay’s payroll software helps you tally payroll and automatizes TDS, PF, PT filings, and much more. It’s an employee-friendly software that gives employees access to their payslips and lets them declare tax as well. All in all, it’s not only great software for your HR department but also for your employees, simplifying their lives so that everyone can focus on more important tasks. 

Razorpay Payroll Software

Top Features

Statutory Compliances Arrears Calculation Document Management Time & Attendance Management Employee Self-Service Management

14. ADP Workforce

It’s a fully-featured software designed to assist SMEs and agencies, providing enterprises with end-to-end payroll solutions. ADP Workforce software offers features such as compensation management, employee life cycle management, labor planning, skills tracking, and much more all in one place. 

ADP Workforce Payroll Software

Top Features

Compensation Management Time & Attendance Management Scheduling Performance Appraisal Management Employee Lifecycle Management

15. Paycom

Paycom automates your enterprise’s payroll processes, it’s an online payroll management system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your accounting software, it manages expenses, deductions, salaries, and incentives.  

Paycom Payroll Software

Top Features

Appraisal Management Attendance management Benefits Administration Document Management Employee Self-service Management

16. Namely

Namely is a smart and streamlined payroll software for enterprises. It’s an exceptionally easy solution that handles all of your payroll needs with ease. It also provides many benefits and features that make it easier to understand the cost of benefits offered by the employer.
Furthermore, their team responds quickly to any challenges and ideas provided by their consumers, guaranteeing that the service you receive is always of the best quality.

Namely Payroll Software

Top Features

Back Office Assistance Benefits Management Document Management Employee Data Base MIS Reports

17. Sage

Sage is an affordable, accessible, and seamless payroll software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Compared to other payroll solutions that are too slow and complex, It is a user-friendly software that’s not just fast but also easy to use for everyone. 

Sage Payroll Software

Top Features

Online Assistance Leave Management Legislative and Payroll Reporting Tax Calculation Statutory Compliance

18. Darwinbox

Darwinbox is one of the most user-friendly payroll software for enterprises. The software is designed in such a way that it’s easy to navigate even for new employees. Furthermore, all the features of the software are just a click away from you, making it a seamless experience. It also stores your employee’s data in one place, making it easier for you to access all the information you need at any given time.  

Darwin Payroll Software

Top Features

Mobile Support Multi-Company Multiple Pay Schedules Data Management User-friendly Interface

19. BambooHR

This software automatically takes care of multiple things such as salaries, working hours, deductions, benefits, and much more. All you need to do is set up your pay schedules and BambooHR will take care of the rest i.e. automatically calculating and filing taxes to ensure compliance. It’s designed to make your life easier and more efficient. 

Bamboo HR Payroll Software

Top Features

Vacation/Leave Tracking Statutory Compliance Mobile App Assessments Benefits Management

20. PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong is a payroll software that automates essential payroll processes and tasks.  It is a software that improves productivity by automating salary and expense calculations. Furthermore, it automatically calculates leaves and attendance to ensure proper salary calculations. PeopleStrong makes sure your month-ends are stress-free. 

PeopleStrong Payroll Software

Top Features

Compliance Management Data Security Employee Lifecycle Management Attendance & Leave Management Tax Management

How to choose the best enterprise payroll software?

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while looking for payroll software for your enterprise. 


1. User-friendliness 

Why? Because if it’s difficult to use how is it going to make your life easier? Not only will it eat up a lot of time but also affect the overall productivity of your organization. Hence, having simple, seamless, user-friendly software is one of the most important things that you should look for. 


2. Employee self-service functions

Self-service functions improve employee experience while taking a load off the HR department. A win-win for your organization. 


3. Scalability

Everyone wants to grow their business and with growth, there’s an increase in your workforce. If your payroll management software isn’t scalable it’ll cost you big in the long-term since you’ll have to repeat this process from scratch all over again. 


4. High level of automation

You want new software because it will help reduce the manual work and the errors that come with it. And automating daily tasks goes a long way in boosting your organizational efficiency. 


5. Integrations

Similar to automation, you need software that seamlessly integrates with your organizational structure and system. This will ensure that you won’t have an extra thing to look after since all your systems are seamlessly integrated with one another. 


6. Cloud-based vs. self-hosted

This depends on your existing IT structure and expertise. A cloud-based system does offer more flexibility. However, we suggest you consult with your IT team regarding this aspect of decision-making. 


7. High-security

Security is imperative because payroll software contains sensitive data about each and everyone in the organization. Always pick software that offers high security if you don’t want to regret it later. 


8. Compliance support

Payroll compliance is one of the most critical aspects of any payroll management system. Because a mistake here can cost your company a lot. Optimal payroll software will help you be compliant with all the respective laws and regulations. This will not only save your company from legal trouble but also from financial setbacks. 


9. Automated payment capabilities

Automated calculation is not the only job of a good payroll software, it should also have a feature like automated payment of salaries. This eases the burden of releasing payments manually. And since all the important aspects of payments are automated, there’s no margin for manual errors out here. 


10. Customization

Every business has different needs. You should choose a payroll that customizes its features and offerings based on yours, this will make it easier for you to manage the system and pay for what it’s worth. Saving your organization time and money. 


11. Customer support

Payroll is a vital cog of the HR system of any organization. And if a problem emerges, you should be able to take care of it swiftly. This is what makes good customer support imperative. Hence, keep in mind that this is a very important factor to look into while scouting for payroll software for your enterprise. 


Good payroll software adds a lot of value to any HR department with the amount of benefits it offers. It boosts the efficiency of the organization by enhancing accuracy, saving time and money, maintaining compliance, improving employee experience, eliminating manual error, and much more. 


Adopting payroll software can help boost your business’s efficiency by streamlining your payroll processes. Furthermore, most payroll software these days is designed and developed to automate most processes. Easing the workload on your HR department while eradicating any chance of errors that may have been previously caused by manual work. Also, most of these software are customizable, which makes it perfect for you to implement a system based on your needs. 


There are many reliable payroll software vendors in the market, and we’ve covered the best ones in the aforementioned list. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and transform your organization’s payroll processes for your enterprise.

8 Benefits of Payroll Automation for Startups to Enterprises

benefits of payroll automation

Handling payroll manually is not only monotonous but also time-consuming. Imagine sitting at a desk & running payroll tasks such as applying multiple tax codes, calculating hourly/overtime wages, and performing dozens of deductions on Excel sheets, spreadsheets, or papers with a calculator. Does it scare you? It is just the start of handling payroll manually; it’s way more complex. The solution to such problems is the comprehensive payroll automation software that streamlines and simplifies such payroll tasks. The Benefits of Payroll Automation Systems are immense, such as error reduction, accurate calculations, detailed reports, and better performances. In this blog, we will discuss the Benefits of Payroll Automation System.

What is Payroll Automation?

Payroll automation processing refers to using online cloud-based software to handle payroll operations, from deductions to direct deposits. Other such payroll tasks include generating paychecks, calculating employee wages, calculating salary disbursement, tax deductions, etc. Automated payroll systems are a crucial part of different organizations that overcome all the problems caused by the manual handling of payroll data. Such computerized systems streamline and manage the entire payroll cycle, eliminating the need for manual intervention. It supports companies by saving time, minimizing errors, and ensuring compliance with labour laws and tax regulations.

Benefits of Payroll Automation System

Here are the Benefits of Payroll Automation System

1. Accuracy and Error Reduction

With manual payroll processing, there are huge chances of errors, wrong data entry, and delayed and inaccurate payments. Due to this, companies suffer a lot, especially small businesses and startups, to keep their employees motivated & satisfied at work.

The solution to this is adopting the Automated Payroll System in your organization. It provides error-free calculations as the software handles everything without human intervention.

Moreover, payroll will be held in Compliance with Tax Regulations, labour laws, and additional statutory prerequisites as the payroll software regularly feeds, updates, and implements the changes. Therefore, the company will not fear penalties or additional costs, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

2. Advanced Security

Implementing the Automated payroll systems offers robust security features to companies for protecting sensitive employee information. It eliminates the process of payroll data extraction & sharing it manually with the required individual.

Instead, the payroll software provides powerful authentication mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), & role-based access controls to ensure data safety by restricting unwanted users’ access based on their job role.

The data transferred from one location to another is encrypted and is in Compliance with Data Protection Regulations, minimizing the risk of data breach. The security also multiplies in the payroll system with the employee self-service feature. With the help of this feature, employees can directly search for the required information on the payroll automated online software rather than contacting the HR & payroll team.

3. Cost Savings

The ‘cost to the company’ has always multiplied due to the manual handling of payroll operations. Whether it was salary disbursement one by one, incentive calculation, or tax management, the administrators were required in the company to manage such tasks.

Due to the requirement of one or more employees to manually handle payroll operations, companies had to hire & pay salaries to them. The salaries paid to payroll admins are higher than the actual cost of payroll software. This way the organizations can reduce admin costs by implementing automated payroll systems.

Moreover, human involvement in manual payroll processing heightened the risk of improper tax handling, wrong calculations & other payroll errors. The benefits of payroll automation will speed up the turnaround time and minimize the risk of penalties by accurately processing payroll data in compliance with the tax management guidelines, leading to cost-saving alternatives.

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4. Easy Payroll Process

The payroll process has been extremely complex, time-consuming & difficult to process due to the manual handling. It is so because when an individual handles payroll processes manually, such as salary calculation, tracking working hours, or generating payslips, the chances of errors & inaccuracies automatically increase.

The automated payroll software solves such issues by making the entire payroll process streamlined, simplified, and easy to access. It keeps track of working hours for every employee and automatically records the total time committed by an employee to the company each day, weekly, monthly, and in a year.

The payroll system also provides Quick Salary calculations and instant Payslip generation for each employee, saving time, effort & money. Moreover, it designs and maintains the Salary structure for every employee and ensures accurate salary disbursement on time.

5. Attendance

The manual payroll processing of attendance for every employee on Excel sheets or paper books is a cumbersome task that increases the risk of entering wrong data. Employees can misuse this opportunity to their benefit by taking more leaves, taking bigger break time, and returning and going out of the office at their convenience. It has severely affected employees’ productivity as most things were not tracked or properly monitored.

The solution to such a problem is automated payroll software that can be integrated with time and attendance systems to keep track of employee attendance data. The automated system also designs a reliable Leave Policy that covers terms & conditions related to employee Break Time, Clock-In/Clock-Out timings, and other Leave Management details. Such adherence to the attendance management system conditions ensures that employees are efficiently & productively using the working hours without faking it.

6. Performance

Manual handling of payroll operations is extremely clumsy, unstructured, and hard. The performance of employees & company was severely affected as the payroll data was randomly put over the Excel sheets and papers. One of the biggest benefits of an automated payroll system is that it improves the overall performance of payroll processing. It does so by creating an Employee Management structure where it designs and manages all the payroll-related data of employees in a structured manner.

The organization operates much more smoothly with such an organized structure due to time-saving, cost-cutting, and enhanced focus on key functional areas. The goal-setting process also gets easier with the payroll software. Whatever the company’s expectations are from the employee regarding performance, behavior, and etiquette are set and worked accordingly.

The automated payroll system also helps in tracking the Appraisal Process of employees where the relevant data needed for appraisal can be retrieved instantly. As a whole, the cloud-based payroll system ensures all data is systematically put in its right place so that the performance of the employees is optimum as per the company standards.

7. Reporting and Analytics

Analyzing the manual payroll data to get required information & creating reports out of it by assembling one information with another into a manual report is a highly time-consuming task. Its difficulty level is high, which increases the chances of errors & wrong report creation. The automated payroll system solves this problem by playing a vital role in reporting and analytics.

The software processes the payroll data by diving deep into the core payroll analytics using advanced AI mechanisms. It processes the raw payroll data to provide meaningful insights related to payroll trends, expenses, and metrics to make an informed decision.

The software also allows you to retrieve various detailed & downloadable reports based on your requirements due to the built-in reporting functionality. You need to apply the filters according to the required report. Due to this, an Enhanced Visibility Level supports you in making the right payroll decisions.

The online payroll software creates Customized Reports, such as payroll-related expenses and year-to-date employee balances, as per the specific need and fetches the real-time data fed over it. The online payroll software can also generate Compliance Reports where you can generate a documented summary of your company’s statutory compliance status following corporate policies, industry standards, regulatory requirements, and relevant laws.

8. Return on Investment (ROI)

With the manual handling of payroll data, there will be huge liability & additional cost to the company. The automated payroll system provides great returns on investment by tackling all the existing & upcoming payroll challenges.

Your investment today in purchasing the automated payroll software starts giving fruit within a week with its immense advantages such as Measurement Metrics, Efficiency Gains, scalability, etc.

The Payroll Measurement Metrics, such as payroll process time, error proportion, compliance, etc., measure the payroll performance by assessing if we are on the right payroll path & determining improvement areas.

The automated payroll system allows efficiency gains that help handle payroll processes at lower costs with the motive of making big profits. Such software is also the best option from a future perspective where you want to increase or decrease the number of employees in your company.

It is not possible to manually monitor the payroll of employees when the size of employees is more than the capacity of the company. Henceforth, there is a promising impact of cloud-based payroll software on scalability that makes it worth purchasing.

How to Automate a Payroll System?

Here is how you can Automate Payroll System

1. Choose the Payroll Software Vendor

Find the best payroll software provider that is reliable and aligned with your business requirements. We are the best-automated payroll software company with a top-notch collection of cloud-based platforms and on-premises solutions.


2. Input all the Employee Data

Enter all the employee information in the system correctly, such as bank details, full name, salary details, employee ID, tax information, etc.


3. Define the Payroll Schedule

State the payroll schedule you wish to follow i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in the software. It will automatically disburse the salaries to employees.


4. Calculate Gross Pay

The gross pay can be automatically calculated in the payroll system by configuring it on varied parameters such as overtime, bonuses, total hours worked, etc.


5. Set Up Taxes and Deductions

In the automated payroll system, you need to set the option of automating taxes & deductions. It will automatically deduct the taxes, benefits, etc, from your salaries.


6. Direct Deposit

Implement the direct deposit feature in the automated payroll system, which will automatically disburse the salaries in the employees’ bank accounts.


7. Record Keeping

Store and maintain the data of payroll transactions through the automated payroll system. It will bring instant access while auditing & transparency in the system.


8. Regular Software Updates to Ensure Tax Compliance

The automated payroll software must be regularly updated to ensure compliance with updates on labour laws, local tax regulations, and other relevant laws.


9. Employee Self-Service

Reduce the need for employees to ask admins questions on their payroll data by giving them access to the payroll system. Some of these self-service features are updating personal data, downloading salary slips, viewing pay stubs, etc.


10. Integration with HR and Accounting

Streamline the payroll & other business processes by seamlessly integrating them with HR and accounting systems.


11. Testing and Training

The automated payroll system must be completely tested before being implemented in your organization. Check for all the potential errors and rectify them. Train your employees to operate and access the payroll system.


12. Security Measures

Implement powerful security measures as payroll data is confidential, sensitive, and prone to misuse by third parties.


The benefits of an automated payroll system are huge, such as fast processing, report generation, minimal error, cost-effective solutions, etc. With the help of its impactful benefits, it streamlines & simplifies the entire payroll process. Every aspect of a payroll operation is integrated into a single platform using online payroll software that saves huge time. Moreover, it ensures that all the payroll tasks comply with the latest tax policies to avoid legal issues.

If you are looking forward to making your life easier with the top-notch automated payroll system, then your search ends with us. Startup HR Software offers you the best automated payroll system in India. We give you a Free Demo Session with our payroll team experts to get you well-acquainted with the payroll system features. You can also purchase additional custom-made payroll solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Top 20 Payroll Software in India: Pricing, Features, Rating 2024

Top 20 Payroll Software in India

Tracking tax-related updates and payments is challenging for a layman. Humans do commit errors. Henceforth, staying updated with all the employee data related to their attendance, records, salary structure, tax filing, bank accounts, and wages isn’t practically possible. Manually handling such tasks leads to disastrous situations where huge errors are committed, ultimately resulting in employer-employee disputes & litigation issues. According to the SCORE survey, small business companies manually handle payroll processing and tax calculations by wasting 41+ hours yearly. The Payroll software in India assists you in all such cumbersome & time-consuming payroll tasks by managing, maintaining, & automating payments & other payroll functions through its centralized secured platform. This blog will discuss the Top 20 Payroll Software in India & its benefits.

List of Top 20 Payroll Software in India 2024

Payroll Softwares - KekaHR

1. KekaHR

KekaHR is the leading payroll software with an intuitive interface that has tremendously revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. According to them, “Indian Payroll is complex. Software doesn’t have to be!” They simplify the payroll process where HR and finance teams can perform salary and payroll modifications anytime rather than waiting for the month’s end. It allows the financial & non-financial professionals to review payroll before finalizing and releasing it.

Google Rating: 4.1
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 60 per employee per month.
1. Online payroll management system
2. Payslips on SMS, email, or mobile app
3. Salary revisions
4. Scheduled performance bonuses
5. Review and compare salaries
6. Expenses, Reimbursements, and Payments on hold
7. Payroll and time tracking

Payroll Softwares - Zimyo

2. Zimyo

Zimyo is well known for offering the “Swift and Error-Free Payroll Processing in Minutes.” It provides user-friendly, customizable, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-implement HR Payroll Software solutions. They allow you to Run Payroll automation in payroll processing with five simple clicks. Zimyo, the compliant payroll software, claims to reduce the Payroll Tax Penalties by 98%, under which they cover TDS, PF, EDLI, ESIC, Professional tax, etc. Moreover, companies can settle employee expenses 5x faster & disburse 100% accurate salaries in a few minutes, leading to employee satisfaction by 10X.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: ₹60/employee per month for up to 40 employees.
1. Statutory Compliance in Payroll
2. TDS, PF and ESIC Computation
3. Paperless Expense Management
4. Salary calculation
5. Arrear Calculation
6. Salary Advances
7. Insurance Coverage
8. Personal Loans

3. Qandle

Qandle is India’s best payroll management system that makes the entire payroll management integrated, seamless, easy to use, and easy to handle. With their top-notch payroll system, companies can end the struggle of paying their employees timely & accurately. Organizations can stay assured of operating faster with minimal scope of errors by implementing the Qandle automated payroll management system. Qandle’s end-to-end payroll solution claims to give 5x quicker reimbursements for employee expenses.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: The plan starts at ₹2450 per month, up to 50 employees.
1. 5x quicker reimbursements
2. Reports and real-time data
3. Seamlessly Integration with any system
4. Secure, centralized platform
5. Quickly and easily salaries
6. Bonus & Payables
7. Self-service portal

Find HR Software - Banner

attendance management system dubai - uknowva

4. uknowva

uKnowva is the leading end-to-end payroll management system that allows you to experience one-click payroll generation. It helps to release and track employee payrolls in one go. As an organization, you experience higher employee satisfaction due to on-time, fast, and 100% accurate payroll disbursements. uKnowva’s Payroll and expense management system makes the salary and expense calculations fully automated & streamlined, with access to tracking their salaries and deductions.

Google Rating: 4.8
Pricing: Starts from Rs. 60 per employee/user per month.
1. One click payroll generation
2. Investment Declarations
3. Quick Compensation Management
4. 100% Tax Compliant
5. Paperless with Expense Management
6. Advances, Manage & Automate Loans
7. Intelligent Live Reports

Payroll Softwares - greytHR

5. Greythr

Greythr is a comprehensive payroll management system that brings speed, trust, accuracy, and reliability. They ease your worries of dealing with chaotic Excel sheets through their on-time salary disbursement, statutory compliance, and 100% attention to detail payroll tasks management. They let you control the complete payroll cycle from inputs to payouts, claims to compliances, & self-service to settlements, along with tracking changes in statutory compliances such as labour laws, tax slabs, etc.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: Starting at just Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. Accurate payouts
2. Attendance Finalisation
3. Leave data
4. Hold and Release Salary
5. Customisable salary structures
6. Payslips, F&F, Loans, Reimbursements
7. Statutory compliance
8. Reports and analytics

6. Darwinbox

Darwinbox is the top payroll software in India that simplifies the payroll obstacles faced by enterprises. They offer an automated, compliant, secure, and 100% accurate payroll system with its painless payroll processing in 4 steps: employee selection, input validation, payroll processing, and payslip generation. It has immensely impacted businesses’ payroll systems through its slogan – “Make The Biggest Cost The Smallest Of Worries.” The company is processing 1,000,000+ payslips monthly for 850+ Enterprises and has 900+ optimized pay structures to 45 for 26,000+ employees.

Google Rating: 3.7
1. Minimize Data errors
2. Seamlessly Integrated
3. Highly Accurate
4. Configurable salary structures
5. Real-time error validation
6. Automatic F&F resettlement
7. 100% statutory compliant payroll
8. track and Request loan advances, claim benefits

Payroll Softwares - hrone

7. HROne

HROne is a simplified, integrated, and robust Payroll Management Software that takes care of Employees’ Salaries & other vital payroll tasks to minimize payroll grievances. It has powerful dashboards, seamless integration and automation of HR Workflows for Effortless Payroll Management. HROne is an award-winning company encouraging people to go #MobileFirst to handle the payroll on the go.

Google Rating: 4.7
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 50 per employee per month.
1. Salaries In A Tap
2. Automated CTC calculator
3. 0% Error Guaranteed
4. Auto-generated error list
5. Detailed Analysis Reports
6. PF, ESI. ensure compliance
7. Compatible With 15+ Platforms

Payroll Softwares - 247HRM

8. 247 HRM

247HRM is a comprehensive payroll software suite in India that brings “All Your HR & Payroll Processes On One Platform” & gives 100% accurate payroll. It handles everything from payroll and taxes to automating employee Income Tax planning, savings & integration through the tax portals.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: The plan starts at Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. CEO Dashboard
2. Payslips, leave, statutory information
3. Employees help desk
4. Income Tax Planning & Declarations
5. MIS & Interactive Charts
6. Attendance with Biometric
7. Online Payroll Software
8. Records, History

9. PocketHRMS

Pocket HRMS is the Advanced smHRt Payroll with Automated Compliance software that ensures Quick, Accurate, and Error-free advanced-level payroll processing. It checks for all the existing issues in the payroll data & provides suggestions to ensure error-free, on-time salary disbursals. Pocket HRMS is the AI machine learning advanced software that follows all the latest software trends from Automated Compliances, Increased Personalization, and Direct Bank Deposits to detailed insights.

Google Rating: 4.0
1. smHRt Payroll
2. Statutory Compliances
3. Multi-company Payroll
4. Multi-Structure Payroll
5. Automated Calculations
6. F&F, gratuity, asset recovery
7. Large Data Processing
8. Dedicated ESS Portal

10. Spine HR

Spine Technology is India’s best payroll system that provides top-notch payroll management services. It handles everything from integrated statutory compliance, pay structures, TDS, PF, ESIC, and eChallans to leave integration. Spine Technology has versatile dashboards and 400+ ready-to-use insightful reports comprising Master, Statutory & MIS.

Google Rating: 4.3
1. Pay Structures
2. 10+ categories of leaves
3. PF, ESIC, TDS eChallans & eFormats
4. Loan Management
5. Budgeting
6. Employee Information system

11. Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMS is one of India’s Best Payroll Management Software, well known for offering accurate compensation & compliance. This comprehensive Payroll Management system simplifies and streamlines the entire payroll system, making payroll processing faster. It helps organizations to smoothly manage employee benefits, statutory compliance, and massive payroll calculations.

Google Rating: 4.0
Pricing: Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. User-Friendly Payroll Engine
2. Automatic Statutory Updates
3. Customizable Calculation
4. Loans and Advances Management
5. Integration with Leading ERPs
6. Salary Structure
7. Data Audits
8. Data Backup and Recovery

factoHR HR Software in Qatar

12. Facto HR

Facto HR is the Integrated Payroll Software that uses the wizard-driven approach to make the payroll process more straightforward and streamlined. It has a single data source to keep payroll on time every time. Facto HR is the most secure payroll system that halves payroll processing time to ensure seamless data flow from internal to external modules.

Google Rating: 4.7
Pricing: Starts at just Rs.10 per employee per month.
1. Configure Auto Payroll Process
2. Salary Master
3. Data backups every 4 hours
4. Real-time system health checks
5. Auto Arrear Calculation
6. PF, ESIC, Professional Tax, TDS, EDLI, etc
7. Advance & Loan Management
8. EMI Deduction

13. TeamNest

TeamNest is the Top payroll software in India that offers end-to-end Payroll Automation. It allows companies to process their payroll operations, such as salary structure creation, tax computations, payslip access, etc, anywhere in a few minutes without hassle. It has the user-friendly CTC Builder option to state Salary Structure.

Google Rating: 3.7
Pricing: The plan starts at Rs 40-50 per employee per month.
1. Run Payroll anytime, anywhere
2. Ensure Tax Compliance
3. Custom CTC Builder
4. Online access to Payslips and Tax Computations
5. Attendance, Leave and Expense data
6. Compliances on PF, ESIC, PT, and TDS
7. Simple integration

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Payroll Softwares - ZingHR

14. ZingHR

ZingHR is the best payroll software in India that improves the organization’s business by facilitating the day-to-day payroll processes. It efficiently handles everything from payslips, filing tax returns, integrating payroll information, etc. The payroll platform of ZingHR is easy to use and operate without any difficulties. ZingHR also offers ease of mobility & accessibility with personalized customization options.

Google Rating: 4.8
Pricing: Starts at ₹7250 for up to 50 employees.
1. Salary inputs
2. MIS Output
3. Reconciliation
4. Weekly/Daily/Hourly /Outcome-based salary
5. Monthly/Weekly payments with compliance
6. Adaptable Payroll Processing


15. BambooHR

BambooHR is the award-winning payroll management software that optimizes software solutions & streamlines current payroll processes. Their Payroll ensures fast, easy, accurate paydays through its easy-to-understand pay stubs and seamless payroll runs. Their payroll software complies with state, federal, and local regulations.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: Starting price ranges from $5 to $8.
1. Fast, easy, and accurate paydays.
2. Employee self-service
3. Data security
4. Time and attendance tracking
5. State-by-state payroll

PulseHRM - Top 20 HR Software in India

16. PulseHRM

PulseHRM is a highly dedicated payroll software provider in India that covers everything from Payroll to Professional Tax setup. They are a one-stop shop to manage your payroll needs effectively. PulseHRM covers everything under their end-to-end payroll compliance services, from deduction, calculation, and returns filing for ESI, EPF, TDS, and PT to annual investment proof verification. You get a cost-effective payroll solution with added security.

Google Rating: 4.0
Pricing: Starts from Rs. 20 per employee per month.
1. Synchronized Attendance and Payroll
2. Automatic TDS Deductions
3. Tax filing
4. Self-Service portal
5. Detailed Reports
6. Compliant with laws
7. Payslips & Increments
8. Expense Policy and Approvals

17. Wallet HR

Wallet HR is India’s leading on-cloud and on-premises payroll software that claims to simplify complex payroll calculations in three steps. It stands out from other payroll software because it can electronically process payroll for 10,000 employees within 10 minutes. You can generate the HR payroll report with critical insights. They also provide accurate processing with faster payouts.

Google Rating: 4.3
1. Core-HR and Attendance modules
2. Data Generation
3. Multiple salary structures
4. Full and Final Settlement
5. Loans, tax, leave, and gratuity calculation
6. Payslip

18. HRMantra

HRMantra is India’s top-rated HR software. It is an integrated one-stop web-based payroll application that handles all payroll operations such as loans, income tax, salary disbursement, etc. It also offers tremendous flexibility in benefit plan workflows. The company claims to provide ten times ROI on investment by saving 30 minutes for every employee daily.

Google Rating: 3.8
1. Precise salary calculations
2. Attendance finalization
3. Leave data management
4. Salary hold and release
5. Customizable salary structures
6. Comprehensive payroll documents
7. Statutory compliance
8. Detailed reporting and analytics

Payroll Softwares - Zoho

19. Zoho Payroll

Zoho payroll is a cloud-based payroll software invented to transform how payroll is managed. It is tailored especially in a way that can manage to fit into the Indian statutory laws, Zoho has been in the HR software business for ages now and is the leading HR software choice for all companies globally. They are well-versed in managing the entire payroll process of the entire company within a few clicks.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: ₹40/employee/month.
1. Automatic payroll calculation
2. Diverse salary structures
3. Pay employees on time
4. Straightforward statutory compliance
5. Employee self service
6. Data migration
7. Hikes, increments, and appraisals

Top 20 Payroll Software in India

20. Akrivia HCM

Akrvia is one of the fastest-growing HR software companies in India right now. They incorporate complete HR solutions from employee onboarding to offboarding. One of the most versatile features of them all is their payroll services that help to manage employees, salary, taxes, payslips, and more within a few clicks.

Google Rating: 4.4
1. Personnel tracking
2. Salary structuring
3. Accurate payroll processing
4. Tax calculations and compliance
5. Employee portal for self-management
6. Customizable reports and dashboards
7. Statutory compliance

What are the Benefits of Payroll Software?

Here are the benefits of Payroll Software:

1. Centralized data

With the help of online payroll software, the data is accessible from one central location. Due to this, clear communication can take place within teams. Moreover, employees don’t have to juggle here and there to access their confidential data. Such online payroll management systems offer 24*7 access to data as a helping hand to the HR & finance team in instantly handling payroll queries.

2. Fully Automation

The payroll software for SMEs works on 100% automation. Employees can easily access confidential information through automated online Payroll software in India, such as payslips, timesheets, leaves, and personal data. It eliminates the need to search, access, and modify data manually. Due to this, there is no scope for human-made errors. Moreover, it saves time and effort through its AI-driven integrated tools, ensuring smooth control over payroll functions such as automated payment processes, accurate salary disbursement, etc.

3. Easy Payroll Process

India’s best payroll management software simplifies payroll processes. Various payroll tasks have to be handled by employers, and managing them without online software makes it 10x difficult. Imagine paying monthly salaries to every employee one after another, calculating their tax deductions, etc. Big thanks to the top-notch Payroll software list existing today in the market that does everything on our behalf. The highly efficient payroll software informs employers about modifications in tax regulations, employment, tax obligations, new tax changes, etc. Henceforth, the employer doesn’t have to manually keep a tab on all such time-consuming tasks, making the payroll process highly efficient and accessible.

4. Robust Security

Security threats faced by companies today are alarming. Numerous reliable and trustworthy payroll software companies are ruling the payroll software market. It has increased the need to adopt high-end security standards. Such payroll software companies adopt state-of-the-art security & comply with the security standards where all the data shared is 100% encrypted & rests safely on the servers. It also gives alerts in case of any fishy activity & has in-house mechanisms to reject requests for accessing confidential data such as bank details, leave requests, employee numbers, etc. This way, all the financial data, employee privacy, and relevant information is 100% maintained with no chance of data breach by third parties.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The Top 20 payroll software in India helps you with comprehensive Analytics and Reporting features. It provides detailed insights into payroll data, due to which companies can have better control, customization, data handling, and decision-making. The highly advanced payroll analytics maintain the competitive edge & give them an upper hand in future payroll risk management.


Payroll software digitally handles every payroll-related operation and reduces the carbon footprint and paper usage, making your company look more authentic, trustworthy, and professional. Whether it’s data editing, modification in the salary structures, or report generation, payroll software handles everything by letting you control decision-making. Curtail the error-prone results and simplify the payroll management tasks with the Top 20 Payroll Software in India list shared by us above.

Are you still waiting & worried about the payroll software price? StartupHR Software provides pocket-friendly Payroll software for small businesses & big MNCs on its single platform, so you don’t have to search here and there. Purchase the best payroll software, train your payroll employees, and get in control of future payroll-related decisions. But first, all you need to do is take the FREE DEMO SESSION from our payroll experts. Book now to initiate the process.

How to Choose the Right Payroll Software for All Business

how to choose the right payroll software

How to Choose the Right Payroll Software: Complete Guide


Incorporating the payroll solution is a vital investment for every business to embrace long-term organizational success. Whether you are an SME or a big MNC, the system inefficiency & complexity due to the absence of payroll software lead to a waste of money & time. Utilizing a digital payroll system is imperative to enhance the precision of your system, seamlessly manage employee data, and effectively collaborate with various teams, all while significantly reducing the possibility of human errors. Furthermore, relying on a manual payroll system is difficult due to the constant changes in payroll policy.

Determining which payroll software offers the most suitable features while addressing your requirements is crucial when considering various options. So, “How to Choose the Right Payroll Software?” In this blog, we will take you through all the mandatory details of payroll software to help you make an informed decision.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a cloud-based or on-premises program designed to automate and streamline how organizations manage, calculate, and distribute wages, salaries, and other employee benefits. Bringing payroll software to your current business is crucial for long-term business success. It brings fruitful results by ensuring compliance with tax laws, minimizing the scope of human-based errors, and saving time for the HR and Finance departments. Moreover, it simplifies payroll administration by keeping accurate records of deductions, tax withholdings, working hours, and other payroll-related information.

What Makes Good Payroll Software?

Effective payroll software should have valuable features that transform businesses by adding value. Many companies expect features such as automation, security, integration, etc., when choosing payroll software. Here is what good payroll software should comprise:


1. User-friendliness

You will get many great features lined up in payroll HR software, but it’s only valuable if it’s user-friendly. For example, If HR and Payroll Managers waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to use different functions and find what they need, then the software isn’t making payroll work any easier or faster.


2. Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service in payroll software, now employee can handle their own work-related tasks through a simple portal. They can manage bank details tax details, view payslips, download company policies, and track their work hours and leave balances. This not only makes things easier for employees but also saves time for HR and payroll teams.


3. Automation

Payroll software’s ability to automate complex payroll processes directly impacts its effectiveness in enhancing payroll efficiency. A highly automated payroll system minimizes errors and saves valuable time for your HR team, ensuring a smoother and more reliable payroll operation.


4. Mobile Access

With the help of a dedicated app or a mobile-friendly interface, access to payroll information becomes instantaneous for the managers & employees.


5. Customization

Good payroll software allows easy customization through software configuration. This way, your organization’s specific payroll structures & policies are easily matched with the payroll software to ensure flexibility.


6. Accuracy

A highly effective payroll software provides accurate calculations of deductions, taxes, employee benefits, and timely disbursement of salaries. It ensures that the staff is paid the correct amount that adheres to the legal norms.


7. Integration

Integrations are the final step when proceeding towards payroll automation. It is very convenient and easy for the payroll team, such as calculating employee wages and formulating bulk payments automatically means less workload for the payroll team. Businesses serious about making the payroll as automated and effective as possible need to go beyond and integrate their payroll software with other tools like biometric systems. In this approach, businesses can automate payroll while minimizing human involvement.

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8. Cost-Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness in payroll software is about getting the most value for your investment. A good payroll system streamlines processes, cuts down on manual errors, and saves time, which all lead to cost savings. Instead of spending hours on payroll tasks, your team can focus on more strategic activities, making the best use of their time and skills.


9. Tax Compliance

Ensuring tax compliance is a critical aspect of payroll management, and the right payroll software plays an important role in this. It should be up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations to calculate deductions accurately and manage employee withholdings. This helps in submitting correct tax filings and avoiding potential legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.


10. Scalability

The effectively designed payroll software easily handles the daily changes in the organization, such as the increasing or decreasing number of employees.


11. Reporting

Payroll software provides valuable data and insights into payroll and workforce management. A robust payroll system should offer a range of customizable reports, enabling businesses to track and analyze employee hours, payroll expenses, tax deductions, and other critical data.


12. Security

Security is important when it comes to payroll software, as it handles sensitive sensitive employee information and financial data. A secure payroll system ensures that all data is protected from unauthorized access and breaches, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of employee information. It should employ robust encryption methods, secure login protocols, and regular security audits to safeguard data.


13. Support

Just like any software or product services, the payroll software should also come with compatible customer support. Payroll is critical for all organizations, and if there are any problems with payroll, it can result in severe repercussions that can put the company as, the employees, in a problematic spot. If there is a problem, then the customer should be available to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Overall, good payroll software provides a solution to existing businesses by simplifying & streamlining their payroll process. It meets your organizational needs by ensuring data security, integration, accuracy, compliance, etc.

How do you Evaluate a Payroll System?

Here are some tips for evaluating a payroll system


How Payroll Software Works?

Payroll software works by automating, streamlining & computing every aspect of the payroll process. Payroll systems handle everything on behalf of the HR department, from paying salaries, tracking working hours, delivering checks, and calculating earnings to filing payroll taxes. It saves time, effort & energy for HR professionals to focus on key business areas. As a result, the payroll system minimizes the manual tasks & the scope of human-based errors.


How does Payroll Software Process Salary & Calculate Taxes?

A detailed discussion with the payroll provider on how the Payroll software processes salaries and calculates taxes can be helpful in the evaluation process. Generally, they follow direct deposit arrangements with trusted banks for employee salary disbursements to their respective bank accounts. The payroll software automatically computes employee state insurance (ESI), provident fund (PF), income tax, professional tax (PT), and labour welfare fund (LWF). It also helps set different work locations for individual state regulations, stay updated with the tax laws, personalize the PF settings, and generate structured reports for tax filing & handling commissions, bonuses, holiday pay, & cost reimbursement.


Is it a Cloud-Based Payroll?

One of the critical parameters to consider while evaluating a payroll system is if it’s cloud-based software. As per one of the survey-based articles released by ‘Business Wire,’ 64% of organizations with cloud-based HR platforms have achieved more excellent business value & returns on their investments. Data on the cloud is 100% secure compared to on-premise data because of data encryption, security management, etc. It easily simplifies & upgrades the HR systems, allowing employees to work from anywhere.


What is the Implementation Process?

As far as the implementation process is concerned, the payroll software companies in India start the process by collecting your specific requirements and take a few weeks to evaluate the needs before coming up with the testing & final configuration. Here, you need to understand How to Choose Payroll Software by differentiating between time-consuming payroll providers & efficient payroll-providing firms. The best payroll software companies initially provide the demo sessions by preparing the testing & implementation environment within a few hours of your request for payroll software. It allows you enough time to experiment and configure the process.


Does it Integrate with Existing Systems?

Always look for payroll software that can easily integrate and merge employee payroll with your existing HR system. Some examples of integrated payroll software are time & attendance tracking, sick pay & vacation requests processing. Moreover, it should have application programming interfaces (APIs) to synchronize the employee data accurately in real-time. An integrated HR system with payroll software reduces your paperwork, eliminates duplicate data entry, and enables integrated reporting.

What Security Measures are in Place?

Payroll processing comprises employees’ confidential data such as salary figures, bank account details, addresses, identity proofs, etc. A strict security system that follows International Security Standards Protocols is required for a smooth payroll process to avoid data leakage, data breaches, or hacking. Check for security features like two-factor authentication and ISO/IEC 27001 security certificate while purchasing the payroll software.


Does the Reporting and Analytics Features work?

Payroll reports are crucial for tax filing, budget analysis, and governance. Before finalizing the payroll software, check if it provides relevant payroll expense data such as reimbursement, payment summaries, and salary registers. Also, understand if the software offers pre-formatted reports for tax filing. Ideally, once you know How to Choose Payroll Software, ensure that it generates the following report:

  • Form 24Q for quarterly filing
  • EPF-ECR reports for EPF returns filing
  • ESIC reports for ESI returns filing
  • Reports for Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).


Can Employees Use Self-Service Features?

The major payroll challenge the HR department faces is constantly answering employees’ questions related to their paid time off (PTO) balances, withholding, pay stubs, salaries, tax deductions, etc. With the help of Employee Self Service, such payroll processes are automated, allowing employees to

  • View and download payslips
  • Create, modify, and submit income tax plans
  • Directly apply for leaves
  • View attendance regulations
  • Use the help desk to raise tickets


How Much does Payroll Software Cost?

The cost of Payroll software generally depends on the reputation, experience, customer base & valuable features offered by the payroll firms. It can cost as low as INR 29/- per month or as high as INR 2450/-.

The payroll providers set different pricing models for payroll services & various factors define the additional fee they charge. They might have a monthly fee model, a quarterly fee model, or an annual fee model. Most of them charge a fixed amount for their services.

Moreover, the cost will vary based on whether you opt for a basic plan, a standard procedure, or a premium-level enterprise plan. Also, check for hidden costs incurred in scalability, customer service, setup, cancellation fees, training, etc.

Which is the Best Payroll Software in India?

Top 7 Payroll Software to Simplify Your HR Task


1. KekaHR

KekaHR is a cloud-based HR and payroll software that serves startups, SMEs, and agencies. It offers a simplified yet configurable payroll process primarily focused on user experience. Keka’s payroll-based system smoothly integrates with essential HR functions leading to accurate calculation of tax & payroll.


  • Multi-user login
  • Payroll management
  • Asset management
  • Loan & advances management
  • Expense management
  • Payroll integration


2. greytHR

greytHR is one of the most preferred payroll software that offers prominent features to SMEs and large businesses. It streamlines the entire HR process by automating Payroll Management, attendance, and leave tracking. The greytHR payroll software manages 10 lakh employee records daily and has provided satisfactory results to 9,000+ customers.


  • Expense management
  • Reimbursement management
  • Taxation management
  • Geo tracking
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Overtime Calculation


3. Zimyo

Zimyo is India’s #1 Employee Experience Platform & a reputed payroll software system. The software has a user-friendly interface helping even the non-tech-savvy to understand & operate the system efficiently from scratch. Its price starts from INR 80/- per month & goes to INR 200/- per month.


  • Reimbursement management
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Survey Management
  • Taxation Management
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Salary computation


4. Qandle

Qandle is an end-to-end payroll & HR solution with 20+ modules for StartUps, Enterprises, SMEs, and Agencies. It is super intuitive & has a fully functional mobile app and 100% configuration capability. Its pricing starts from INR 49/per employee/month.


  • Statutory compliance
  • Claims and advances
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Taxation Management
  • Automated check-ins


5. Spine HR

Spine HR is a popular premium Payroll Management software. It’s a flexible and straightforward open-source database with a user-friendly interface. The software stays up-to-date with the trending features providing value for money. Spine HR is a one-stop solution if you are a business whose HR functions often need a change where scalability is required.


  • Statutory Compliance
  • Employee Information System
  • Web Based Module
  • Mobile Support
  • Multi User Login & Role-based access control
  • Salary Information & History


6. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is the leading Payroll Software in India that revolutionizes HR and Payroll operations. It brings every operation digital related to HR, payroll processing, onboarding, attendance, etc. With the help of cloud and mobile technologies, employees can access their sensitive data instantly on the go from anywhere. Its price starts from INR 4995/- for up to 100 employees.


  • Multi-company and Multi structured payroll
  • Forms generation
  • Employee self-service
  • Loan & Advances Management
  • Exit Management & Separation Management
  • MIS reports


7. Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM is a new age simple and effective Payroll Software Solution for businesses. It promotes employee engagement, efficiency, and enhanced productivity at the workplace. Akrivia HCM has won the “User Recommended Winter 2023 Award” by Software Suggest.


  • Employee loans and advances management
  • API Integration
  • Formula Defined Salary Calculation
  • Asset Management
  • Audits trail
  • Taxation Management


In conclusion, Choosing the right Payroll Software that specifically meets your organization’s needs can be complex. However, your need for clarification regarding How to Choose Payroll Software ends with our many choices. Our HR experts at StartupHR Software find the best Payroll Software at a pocket-friendly price to suit your unique requirements. We offer a 100% Comprehensive HR Management Solution.

As a result, employee engagement increases through HR automation, minimized manual work & real-time data analytics. Further, we schedule a FREE OF COST Demo Session to let you understand all the prerequisites of the system & how it can take your business to new heights by saving time. Also, we have partnered with Top HR Software companies that simplify your payroll process in the blink of an eye.