Top 20 Payroll Software in India

Tracking tax-related updates and payments is challenging for a layman. Humans do commit errors. Henceforth, staying updated with all the employee data related to their attendance, records, salary structure, tax filing, bank accounts, and wages isn’t practically possible. Manually handling such tasks leads to disastrous situations where huge errors are committed, ultimately resulting in employer-employee disputes & litigation issues. According to the SCORE survey, small business companies manually handle payroll processing and tax calculations by wasting 41+ hours yearly. The Payroll software in India assists you in all such cumbersome & time-consuming payroll tasks by managing, maintaining, & automating payments & other payroll functions through its centralized secured platform. This blog will discuss the Top 20 Payroll Software in India & its benefits.

Payroll Softwares - KekaHR

1. KekaHR

KekaHR is the leading payroll software with an intuitive interface that has tremendously revolutionized the Indian payroll industry. According to them, “Indian Payroll is complex. Software doesn’t have to be!” They simplify the payroll process where HR and finance teams can perform salary and payroll modifications anytime rather than waiting for the month’s end. It allows the financial & non-financial professionals to review payroll before finalizing and releasing it.

Google Rating: 4.1
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 60 per employee per month.
1. Online payroll management system
2. Payslips on SMS, email, or mobile app
3. Salary revisions
4. Scheduled performance bonuses
5. Review and compare salaries
6. Expenses, Reimbursements, and Payments on hold
7. Payroll and time tracking

Payroll Softwares - Zimyo

2. Zimyo

Zimyo is well known for offering the “Swift and Error-Free Payroll Processing in Minutes.” It provides user-friendly, customizable, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-implement HR Payroll Software solutions. They allow you to Run Payroll automation in payroll processing with five simple clicks. Zimyo, the compliant payroll software, claims to reduce the Payroll Tax Penalties by 98%, under which they cover TDS, PF, EDLI, ESIC, Professional tax, etc. Moreover, companies can settle employee expenses 5x faster & disburse 100% accurate salaries in a few minutes, leading to employee satisfaction by 10X.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: ₹60/employee per month for up to 40 employees.
1. Statutory Compliance in Payroll
2. TDS, PF and ESIC Computation
3. Paperless Expense Management
4. Salary calculation
5. Arrear Calculation
6. Salary Advances
7. Insurance Coverage
8. Personal Loans

3. Qandle

Qandle is India’s best payroll management system that makes the entire payroll management integrated, seamless, easy to use, and easy to handle. With their top-notch payroll system, companies can end the struggle of paying their employees timely & accurately. Organizations can stay assured of operating faster with minimal scope of errors by implementing the Qandle automated payroll management system. Qandle’s end-to-end payroll solution claims to give 5x quicker reimbursements for employee expenses.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: The plan starts at ₹2450 per month, up to 50 employees.
1. 5x quicker reimbursements
2. Reports and real-time data
3. Seamlessly Integration with any system
4. Secure, centralized platform
5. Quickly and easily salaries
6. Bonus & Payables
7. Self-service portal

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attendance management system dubai - uknowva

4. uknowva

uKnowva is the leading end-to-end payroll management system that allows you to experience one-click payroll generation. It helps to release and track employee payrolls in one go. As an organization, you experience higher employee satisfaction due to on-time, fast, and 100% accurate payroll disbursements. uKnowva’s Payroll and expense management system makes the salary and expense calculations fully automated & streamlined, with access to tracking their salaries and deductions.

Google Rating: 4.8
Pricing: Starts from Rs. 60 per employee/user per month.
1. One click payroll generation
2. Investment Declarations
3. Quick Compensation Management
4. 100% Tax Compliant
5. Paperless with Expense Management
6. Advances, Manage & Automate Loans
7. Intelligent Live Reports

Payroll Softwares - greytHR

5. Greythr

Greythr is a comprehensive payroll management system that brings speed, trust, accuracy, and reliability. They ease your worries of dealing with chaotic Excel sheets through their on-time salary disbursement, statutory compliance, and 100% attention to detail payroll tasks management. They let you control the complete payroll cycle from inputs to payouts, claims to compliances, & self-service to settlements, along with tracking changes in statutory compliances such as labour laws, tax slabs, etc.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: Starting at just Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. Accurate payouts
2. Attendance Finalisation
3. Leave data
4. Hold and Release Salary
5. Customisable salary structures
6. Payslips, F&F, Loans, Reimbursements
7. Statutory compliance
8. Reports and analytics

6. Darwinbox

Darwinbox is the top payroll software in India that simplifies the payroll obstacles faced by enterprises. They offer an automated, compliant, secure, and 100% accurate payroll system with its painless payroll processing in 4 steps: employee selection, input validation, payroll processing, and payslip generation. It has immensely impacted businesses’ payroll systems through its slogan – “Make The Biggest Cost The Smallest Of Worries.” The company is processing 1,000,000+ payslips monthly for 850+ Enterprises and has 900+ optimized pay structures to 45 for 26,000+ employees.

Google Rating: 3.7
1. Minimize Data errors
2. Seamlessly Integrated
3. Highly Accurate
4. Configurable salary structures
5. Real-time error validation
6. Automatic F&F resettlement
7. 100% statutory compliant payroll
8. track and Request loan advances, claim benefits

Payroll Softwares - hrone

7. HROne

HROne is a simplified, integrated, and robust Payroll Management Software that takes care of Employees’ Salaries & other vital payroll tasks to minimize payroll grievances. It has powerful dashboards, seamless integration and automation of HR Workflows for Effortless Payroll Management. HROne is an award-winning company encouraging people to go #MobileFirst to handle the payroll on the go.

Google Rating: 4.7
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 50 per employee per month.
1. Salaries In A Tap
2. Automated CTC calculator
3. 0% Error Guaranteed
4. Auto-generated error list
5. Detailed Analysis Reports
6. PF, ESI. ensure compliance
7. Compatible With 15+ Platforms

Payroll Softwares - 247HRM

8. 247 HRM

247HRM is a comprehensive payroll software suite in India that brings “All Your HR & Payroll Processes On One Platform” & gives 100% accurate payroll. It handles everything from payroll and taxes to automating employee Income Tax planning, savings & integration through the tax portals.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: The plan starts at Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. CEO Dashboard
2. Payslips, leave, statutory information
3. Employees help desk
4. Income Tax Planning & Declarations
5. MIS & Interactive Charts
6. Attendance with Biometric
7. Online Payroll Software
8. Records, History

9. PocketHRMS

Pocket HRMS is the Advanced smHRt Payroll with Automated Compliance software that ensures Quick, Accurate, and Error-free advanced-level payroll processing. It checks for all the existing issues in the payroll data & provides suggestions to ensure error-free, on-time salary disbursals. Pocket HRMS is the AI machine learning advanced software that follows all the latest software trends from Automated Compliances, Increased Personalization, and Direct Bank Deposits to detailed insights.

Google Rating: 4.0
1. smHRt Payroll
2. Statutory Compliances
3. Multi-company Payroll
4. Multi-Structure Payroll
5. Automated Calculations
6. F&F, gratuity, asset recovery
7. Large Data Processing
8. Dedicated ESS Portal

10. Spine HR

Spine Technology is India’s best payroll system that provides top-notch payroll management services. It handles everything from integrated statutory compliance, pay structures, TDS, PF, ESIC, and eChallans to leave integration. Spine Technology has versatile dashboards and 400+ ready-to-use insightful reports comprising Master, Statutory & MIS.

Google Rating: 4.3
1. Pay Structures
2. 10+ categories of leaves
3. PF, ESIC, TDS eChallans & eFormats
4. Loan Management
5. Budgeting
6. Employee Information system

11. Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMS is one of India’s Best Payroll Management Software, well known for offering accurate compensation & compliance. This comprehensive Payroll Management system simplifies and streamlines the entire payroll system, making payroll processing faster. It helps organizations to smoothly manage employee benefits, statutory compliance, and massive payroll calculations.

Google Rating: 4.0
Pricing: Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. User-Friendly Payroll Engine
2. Automatic Statutory Updates
3. Customizable Calculation
4. Loans and Advances Management
5. Integration with Leading ERPs
6. Salary Structure
7. Data Audits
8. Data Backup and Recovery

factoHR HR Software in Qatar

12. Facto HR

Facto HR is the Integrated Payroll Software that uses the wizard-driven approach to make the payroll process more straightforward and streamlined. It has a single data source to keep payroll on time every time. Facto HR is the most secure payroll system that halves payroll processing time to ensure seamless data flow from internal to external modules.

Google Rating: 4.7
Pricing: Starts at just Rs.10 per employee per month.
1. Configure Auto Payroll Process
2. Salary Master
3. Data backups every 4 hours
4. Real-time system health checks
5. Auto Arrear Calculation
6. PF, ESIC, Professional Tax, TDS, EDLI, etc
7. Advance & Loan Management
8. EMI Deduction

13. TeamNest

TeamNest is the Top payroll software in India that offers end-to-end Payroll Automation. It allows companies to process their payroll operations, such as salary structure creation, tax computations, payslip access, etc, anywhere in a few minutes without hassle. It has the user-friendly CTC Builder option to state Salary Structure.

Google Rating: 3.7
Pricing: The plan starts at Rs 40-50 per employee per month.
1. Run Payroll anytime, anywhere
2. Ensure Tax Compliance
3. Custom CTC Builder
4. Online access to Payslips and Tax Computations
5. Attendance, Leave and Expense data
6. Compliances on PF, ESIC, PT, and TDS
7. Simple integration

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Payroll Softwares - ZingHR

14. ZingHR

ZingHR is the best payroll software in India that improves the organization’s business by facilitating the day-to-day payroll processes. It efficiently handles everything from payslips, filing tax returns, integrating payroll information, etc. The payroll platform of ZingHR is easy to use and operate without any difficulties. ZingHR also offers ease of mobility & accessibility with personalized customization options.

Google Rating: 4.8
Pricing: Starts at ₹7250 for up to 50 employees.
1. Salary inputs
2. MIS Output
3. Reconciliation
4. Weekly/Daily/Hourly /Outcome-based salary
5. Monthly/Weekly payments with compliance
6. Adaptable Payroll Processing


15. BambooHR

BambooHR is the award-winning payroll management software that optimizes software solutions & streamlines current payroll processes. Their Payroll ensures fast, easy, accurate paydays through its easy-to-understand pay stubs and seamless payroll runs. Their payroll software complies with state, federal, and local regulations.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: Starting price ranges from $5 to $8.
1. Fast, easy, and accurate paydays.
2. Employee self-service
3. Data security
4. Time and attendance tracking
5. State-by-state payroll

PulseHRM - Top 20 HR Software in India

16. PulseHRM

PulseHRM is a highly dedicated payroll software provider in India that covers everything from Payroll to Professional Tax setup. They are a one-stop shop to manage your payroll needs effectively. PulseHRM covers everything under their end-to-end payroll compliance services, from deduction, calculation, and returns filing for ESI, EPF, TDS, and PT to annual investment proof verification. You get a cost-effective payroll solution with added security.

Google Rating: 4.0
Pricing: Starts from Rs. 20 per employee per month.
1. Synchronized Attendance and Payroll
2. Automatic TDS Deductions
3. Tax filing
4. Self-Service portal
5. Detailed Reports
6. Compliant with laws
7. Payslips & Increments
8. Expense Policy and Approvals

17. Wallet HR

Wallet HR is India’s leading on-cloud and on-premises payroll software that claims to simplify complex payroll calculations in three steps. It stands out from other payroll software because it can electronically process payroll for 10,000 employees within 10 minutes. You can generate the HR payroll report with critical insights. They also provide accurate processing with faster payouts.

Google Rating: 4.3
1. Core-HR and Attendance modules
2. Data Generation
3. Multiple salary structures
4. Full and Final Settlement
5. Loans, tax, leave, and gratuity calculation
6. Payslip

18. HRMantra

HRMantra is India’s top-rated HR software. It is an integrated one-stop web-based payroll application that handles all payroll operations such as loans, income tax, salary disbursement, etc. It also offers tremendous flexibility in benefit plan workflows. The company claims to provide ten times ROI on investment by saving 30 minutes for every employee daily.

Google Rating: 3.8
1. Precise salary calculations
2. Attendance finalization
3. Leave data management
4. Salary hold and release
5. Customizable salary structures
6. Comprehensive payroll documents
7. Statutory compliance
8. Detailed reporting and analytics

Payroll Softwares - Zoho

19. Zoho Payroll

Zoho payroll is a cloud-based payroll software invented to transform how payroll is managed. It is tailored especially in a way that can manage to fit into the Indian statutory laws, Zoho has been in the HR software business for ages now and is the leading HR software choice for all companies globally. They are well-versed in managing the entire payroll process of the entire company within a few clicks.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: ₹40/employee/month.
1. Automatic payroll calculation
2. Diverse salary structures
3. Pay employees on time
4. Straightforward statutory compliance
5. Employee self service
6. Data migration
7. Hikes, increments, and appraisals

Top 20 Payroll Software in India

20. Akrivia HCM

Akrvia is one of the fastest-growing HR software companies in India right now. They incorporate complete HR solutions from employee onboarding to offboarding. One of the most versatile features of them all is their payroll services that help to manage employees, salary, taxes, payslips, and more within a few clicks.

Google Rating: 4.4
1. Personnel tracking
2. Salary structuring
3. Accurate payroll processing
4. Tax calculations and compliance
5. Employee portal for self-management
6. Customizable reports and dashboards
7. Statutory compliance

What are the Benefits of Payroll Software?

Here are the benefits of Payroll Software:

1. Centralized data

With the help of online payroll software, the data is accessible from one central location. Due to this, clear communication can take place within teams. Moreover, employees don’t have to juggle here and there to access their confidential data. Such online payroll management systems offer 24*7 access to data as a helping hand to the HR & finance team in instantly handling payroll queries.

2. Fully Automation

The payroll software for SMEs works on 100% automation. Employees can easily access confidential information through automated online Payroll software in India, such as payslips, timesheets, leaves, and personal data. It eliminates the need to search, access, and modify data manually. Due to this, there is no scope for human-made errors. Moreover, it saves time and effort through its AI-driven integrated tools, ensuring smooth control over payroll functions such as automated payment processes, accurate salary disbursement, etc.

3. Easy Payroll Process

India’s best payroll management software simplifies payroll processes. Various payroll tasks have to be handled by employers, and managing them without online software makes it 10x difficult. Imagine paying monthly salaries to every employee one after another, calculating their tax deductions, etc. Big thanks to the top-notch Payroll software list existing today in the market that does everything on our behalf. The highly efficient payroll software informs employers about modifications in tax regulations, employment, tax obligations, new tax changes, etc. Henceforth, the employer doesn’t have to manually keep a tab on all such time-consuming tasks, making the payroll process highly efficient and accessible.

4. Robust Security

Security threats faced by companies today are alarming. Numerous reliable and trustworthy payroll software companies are ruling the payroll software market. It has increased the need to adopt high-end security standards. Such payroll software companies adopt state-of-the-art security & comply with the security standards where all the data shared is 100% encrypted & rests safely on the servers. It also gives alerts in case of any fishy activity & has in-house mechanisms to reject requests for accessing confidential data such as bank details, leave requests, employee numbers, etc. This way, all the financial data, employee privacy, and relevant information is 100% maintained with no chance of data breach by third parties.

5. Analytics and Reporting

The Top 20 payroll software in India helps you with comprehensive Analytics and Reporting features. It provides detailed insights into payroll data, due to which companies can have better control, customization, data handling, and decision-making. The highly advanced payroll analytics maintain the competitive edge & give them an upper hand in future payroll risk management.


Payroll software digitally handles every payroll-related operation and reduces the carbon footprint and paper usage, making your company look more authentic, trustworthy, and professional. Whether it’s data editing, modification in the salary structures, or report generation, payroll software handles everything by letting you control decision-making. Curtail the error-prone results and simplify the payroll management tasks with the Top 20 Payroll Software in India list shared by us above.

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