Cloud based HR Software in India 2024

Cloud Based HR software

Implementing Cloud-based HR software in your organization has become the need of the hour, whether you are an SME or a large MNC. Today’s world is driven by Artificial Intelligence and with such a rapidly evolving technology, coping with HR functions through traditional ways is nearly impossible. Imagine spending uncountable hours and days managing employee data through registers or calculating tax & disbursing salaries individually for every employee. It consumes precious time and increases employee demotivation, disengagement, and dissatisfaction with their work. In severe cases, it might create disputes leading to legal issues. Here is when Cloud-based HR software comes to the rescue by handling all such operations online on your behalf. Now, deep dive into the blog, where we have discussed the core meaning of cloud-based HR software, its benefits, features, roles, and much more.

What is cloud-based HR software? 

Cloud-based HR software is a web-based tool that streamlines and automates different HR functions. With the help of the best HRMS software in India, employees can access all the HR-related data in one single and secured platform. In the manual handling of HR operations, organizations suffered losses due to storing, managing, and accessing HR data from Excel sheets, spreadsheets, or registers. The cloud-based human resources software solves such a problem. It is hosted on remote servers, allowing users to access HR data online, irrespective of location and time zones.

Benefits of Cloud-based HR systems

Here are the top benefits of implementing a cloud-based HRMS in your current business:

  • Time-Saving: Manually handling HR operations consumes much time for HR professionals. It is so because you need to note down everything manually, such as employee working hours, payroll calculations, etc. Moreover, employee queries regarding their data retrieval or other personal data have to be addressed & corrected by the HR professionals manually, which consumes enormous time. With the coming of an HRMS, HR experts can entirely focus on key strategic areas such as designing compensation strategies, succession planning, etc. All the basic employee queries are managed through the automated HR software, saving time wasted on regular follow-ups.


  • Minimizing Paperwork: A lot of paperwork was involved in traditional-based HR systems. Everything requires papers to conduct such HR operations, whether taking employee attendance, tracking working hours, or calculating salaries. Imagine a situation where you are asked to find an employee’s attendance record after six months; you must dig into numerous registers to find the exact record. In severe cases of such manual registers getting lost, stolen, or destroyed, you will never be able to see the correct record. Such problems are solved by automated HRMS that minimize the need for paperwork by storing everything on a server. 


  • Enhancing Productivity and Engagement: Huge employee disengagement and deteriorating productivity were noticed in the companies working on manual-based HR operations. They had to wait for hours and even days to get their queries acknowledged and solved. Such issues are addressed and solved by the best HRMS software in India. Most of this software has an intuitive user interface accessible over the mobile phone. It helps employees to make the necessary changes to their profile, and apply or check the leave request status on the go with zero need to follow up with the HR team. It leads to higher productivity among employees with full engagement towards the work. 


  • Predictive Analysis: While handling HR functions manually, the biggest drawback was being unable to retrieve different types of reports and predict the future based on artificial intelligence. By implementing an HRMS in your company, you can use Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Big Data Analytics, Data science, etc. It does the necessary forecast regarding the HR future, finds loopholes in the existing HR system, employee dissatisfaction, demotivated behavior, and actions that need to be taken to overcome them. Regular analysis and timely correction of the issue increase employee retention, decrease the attrition rate, and forecast the number of candidates that need to be employed to manage future risks. 


  • Unleashing Organizational Potential: Once the entire HR process gets streamlined, simplified, and automated through the cloud-based HRMS, the organization can find its true potential. Such potential can be explored by focusing on the company’s critical areas. Such a benefit was missing in manual HR operations because the entire time went on performing the time-consuming, repetitive HR tasks. Due to this, the existing loopholes in the company remained unidentified. With the help of cloud-based software, companies can identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions based on the latest HR trends. As a result, employee satisfaction, retention rate, and productivity will be enhanced. 

Feature of cloud-based software

Here are the top-notch features of Cloud-based HR software:

  • Employee Self-Service Portal: The employee self-service (ESS) portal provides instant access to authorized employees for viewing, accessing, and modifying their HR-related data.  Such data included generating paystubs, viewing leave balances, upcoming holidays, personal data, etc. The cloud-based portal required login credentials to be accessed over mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. 


  • Core HR Functionality: Cloud-based HR software handles all the core HR functions such as recruitment, statutory compliance, talent acquisition, payroll management, etc. Handling all such core HR operations manually leads to employee disengagement and demotivation. Therefore, HRIMS ensures employee retention by automating all the operations. It saves enormous time for HR professionals and can be further emphasized in a critical business area.


  • Performance Management: Managing employee performances manually over registers or spreadsheets could be more ineffective, inaccurate, and time-consuming. Imagine checking bundles of registers to retrieve the performance-related data for every employee. It increases the chances of biased & error-prone calculation of incentives, bonuses, or benefits for every employee, leading to dissatisfaction. With a cloud HRMS, you can track employee performance on a real-time basis that’s just a filter away even if years pass by. You can conduct coaching, value-added training, and regular employee feedback sessions based on the record. 


  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Traditional ways of handling HR data give HR professionals a hard time maintaining accurate employee attendance. It led to irresponsible activities such as buddy punching, longer lunch breaks, and wrong in & out timings. HRIS aids the HR experts by automating the entire time & attendance management system. It gives employers real-time data on employee attendance, total working hours, clock-in & clock-out timings, irregular absences, break timings, etc. 


  • Recruitment and Onboarding: What’s more convenient than automating the entire recruitment and onboarding process through a single platform? Yes, you heard it right; such a feature is possible only because of the Human resource management system. It integrates the internal websites and the official job portals where the entire process, from candidate application, interview scheduling, hiring, onboarding, and training to final see-off, is streamlined.


  • Training and Development: Once you have an onboarded employee, you must take care of their training and further learning & development (L&D) programs. This entire process was a big chaos while manually handling HR operations. Thanks to the automated cloud-based HR system that conducts various surveys for accessing loopholes and employee satisfaction levels. According to this data, it provides suggestions for conducting relevant training sessions to keep employees up-to-date. It can happen through appropriate courses, compliance training, mock sessions, etc. 


  • Payroll Processing: The Human resource management system allows error-free payroll processing, such as generating payslips, salary disbursement, tax calculation, etc. Such software collects, stores, and processes all employee data, such as tax liabilities, pay rates, benefits, etc., at a central location. It uses this data to calculate the gross pay for every employee instantly. Moreover, it lets employees view the entire year-end record of tax deductions. 


  • Integration Capabilities: HRIS comes with top-notch features for integrating the HR tool with various other applications on its system through application-performing interfaces (APIs). Some are attendance management systems, performance management, payroll management, etc. It helps synchronize data and smooth data movement from one application to another. 


  • Data Security and Privacy Measures: Data safety was a significant obstacle in the manual processing of HR data. HRMS solves this problem by having a multi-factor authentication mechanism, encrypted data, and 100% authorized data access in compliance with data security standards. It also saves HR data from third-party attacks.

Exploring the Role of Cloud Computing in HR Management Systems

Cloud computing plays a vital role in managing day-to-day HR operations. With the help of cloud computing, human resources can be managed 50x more effectively. It automates the entire HR functions minimizing the need for time-consuming administrative tasks. Moreover, Cloud-based HR systems are 100% effective in offering cost-effective solutions and scaling your existing business. Such a concept of cloud computing has remote data centers that provide smooth access to data to all authorized people. Implementing cloud computing in the HRMS also ensures smooth collaboration and integration of tools such as attendance management, benefits administration, payroll management, etc. The best part is that your confidential HR data remains 100% secure as cloud-based software has a multi-authentication process, firewall, and end-to-end data encryption.

Moreover, in case of data losses due to deletion or system failure, it offers automatic recovery through its data backup features. Cloud computing also plays a crucial role in HRMS by helping organizations make data-driven decisions. is possible through AI-based HR analytics, reporting, and meaningful insights on employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction levels.

How can cloud-based HR software help small and medium-sized businesses

Here is how the Cloud-based HR software assists in aiding the progress of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs):

Cost Savings: A considerable amount of money is wasted on hiring multiple people to handle employee queries and record their data manually. Instead of paying salaries to multiple HR admins, SMBs can implement automated HR systems in their organization, which saves the company enormous costs.


Accessibility and Flexibility: India’s best Human resource software provides flexibility and easy access to HR data from any location. It also has a mobile on-the-go application to make it more accessible and handy. Therefore, whether you work remotely or from a different country, you and other team members can be on the same page through this cloud-based portal.


Scalability: Whenever SMBs think of increasing their employee size, manually handling HR functions will not work in the long run. Suppose you wish to extend your current business. In that case, you need a solid automated HR system, as it’s nearly impossible for a human being to enter each employee’s data manually.


Automation of HR Tasks: Cloud-based HRMS helps SMBs automate their HR tasks, such as recruitment, onboarding, hiring, and training, to full and final settlement. As a small to medium-sized business, the primary focus should be business growth and becoming a large enterprise. This is possible by focusing on critical strategic areas rather than wasting time jumping from one HR task to another.


Enhanced Security: SMBs often cut costs for the company by compromising on taking proper security measures to protect employees’ data. However, they don’t have to worry about security after implementing HRIS in their existing system. It shields confidential employee data and saves them from third-party attacks through its multi-level authorization procedures. 


Analytics and Insights: HRIS uses people analytics to offer actionable insights on employee data, such as employee issues, expectations, etc. SMBs can take full advantage of these insights to make data-driven decisions that are helpful for their company growth.

Top 10 cloud based hr software in india

Cloud human resources (HR) software is increasing in popularity and for good reason. It allows you and your HR team to access and manage employee data from anywhere at any time. With the power of cloud computing, you can streamline your HR processes and improve efficiency. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best software. In this article,  look at some of the best cloud HR software options available.

Zoho Corporation 

Offers comprehensive HR management features including attendance management, leave management, performance appraisal, and more. It integrates with other Zoho applications for seamless operation.


A modern HRMS that includes modules for employee lifecycle management, payroll, performance management, and recruitment. It focuses on providing a user-friendly experience and robust analytics.


Known for its payroll management capabilities, greytHR also offers features like attendance tracking, leave management, and employee self-service. It caters primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Provides a cloud-based HR and payroll management solution with modules for attendance, leave, payroll processing, and employee self-service. It is designed for ease of use and scalability.


Offers HRMS features such as payroll management, attendance tracking, employee self-service, and performance management. It focuses on automation and compliance.


Provides HR automation features including payroll management, attendance tracking, performance management, and employee engagement tools. It targets both SMEs and large enterprises.

Pocket HRMS

A cloud-based HRMS with modules for payroll management, leave management, attendance tracking, and employee self-service. It emphasizes ease of use and integration.


Offers HRMS and payroll software with features such as leave management, attendance tracking, performance management, and onboarding. It focuses on customization and employee engagement.


Provides a comprehensive HRMS with modules for payroll management, attendance tracking, leave management, and employee self-service. It is designed for flexibility and ease of use.


A popular HR software known for its intuitive interface and comprehensive HR management features. It includes modules for applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, and employee database management.

How to choose the best cloud-based HR software in India?

Choosing the best cloud-based HR software in India needs time and effort in conducting in-depth research. One wrong decision can lead to a business’s downfall; therefore, selecting cloud-based HRMs that meet your business requirements is essential. It would help if you considered several parameters before finalizing the list of top-notch HRMS software in India. Some of the most crucial parameters are as follows:


Integration: Check whether the software company provides the necessary integrations, such as payroll and attendance management.


Budget: Discuss your budget with the HR software company’s HR expert. However, we recommend you think outside your budget to explore the latest trends.


Benefits & Features: Mention every benefit & feature you are looking for in the HRMS. Some of the features that should be there in the cloud-based software are mentioned below: 

  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Manager self-service
  • Collaborative interfaces
  • Employee self-service
  • Process automation
  • Access via mobile/personal devices


Scalable: Businesses continually evolve, so ensure your HRMS has scalability tools. This way, whenever you wish to add more features or modify the existing ones, you can do so easily.


Customer Support: ‘Good customer support is all we need.’ Read enough reviews online before finalizing the human resource software. You will need plenty of customer support, so they should provide after-sales service.


Every company is switching to cloud-based HRMS knowing the potential features and benefits it provides in the long run. There is an extensive list of HRMS software in India, but finding the top cloud-based HRMS is challenging. We hope that this blog simplifies your problem for making an informed decision. The best HRMS software in India suits your unique business requirements and can scale with the change in employee size and integrate with other platforms. All such benefits are covered under the HR software packages provided by Startup HR Software company. We have handpicked cloud-based HRMs in India for small, mid-level, and larger enterprises. Our human resources team attentively listens to your needs and offers the most relevant HR software solutions. These solutions are entirely personalized and structured as per the business requirements. Get a detailed explanation by attending the ‘FREE OF COST’ Demo and Consultation Session by our HR management experts.


Which HR software is best?

Here are some popular and highly regarded HR software in india options that are frequently mentioned:

  • Zoho People
  • Keka
  • GreytHR
  • Pocket HRMS
  • BambooHR


What is SaaS HR software?

SaaS HR software is a cloud-based solution that streamlines HR tasks. It centralizes employee data, automates processes, and provides self-service options. This software aids in compliance, offers insights into organizational metrics, and supports various HR functions like recruitment, payroll, etc.



What are the key advantages of using cloud-based HR software over traditional solutions?

  • Cloud-based HR software offers advantages such as scalability, cost-effectiveness (especially in terms of infrastructure), ease of access from anywhere, and automatic updates without requiring IT intervention.


How secure is cloud-based HR software, especially in terms of handling sensitive employee data?

  • Cloud-based HR software providers typically adhere to strict security standards, including data encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and India’s IT Act. It’s essential to choose a provider with a strong track record in data security.


How can cloud-based HR software help in managing a diverse workforce across different locations in India?

  • Cloud-based HR software facilitates centralized data management, enabling HR teams to streamline communication, manage payroll across different states with varying regulations, and ensure consistent policy implementation across the organization.


What customization options are available with cloud-based HR software to meet specific organizational needs?

  • Most cloud HR solutions offer customization options such as configurable workflows, role-based access controls, customizable reports and dashboards, and integrations with other business systems (like accounting or CRM software).


How does cloud-based HR software assist in compliance with Indian labor laws and regulations?

  • Leading cloud HR software providers often include features that help automate compliance tasks, such as generating statutory reports, managing leave policies in accordance with local laws, and staying updated with regulatory changes through automated alerts.


Can cloud-based HR software integrate with existing software systems used by our organization?

  • Yes, cloud-based HR software typically offers integration capabilities through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), allowing seamless connectivity with existing ERP, finance, and productivity tools used by your organization.


How does cloud-based HR software handle employee self-service functionalities, and how can it improve employee engagement?

  • Cloud-based HR software often includes employee self-service portals where employees can manage their profiles, submit leave requests, access pay slips, and participate in performance reviews. These functionalities improve transparency, efficiency, and ultimately contribute to higher employee engagement.


What are the scalability options with cloud-based HR software as our organization grows?

  • Cloud HR software is highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily add or reduce user licenses, expand functionalities (such as adding modules for recruitment or performance management), and accommodate growth without significant IT infrastructure changes.


How does cloud-based HR software help in fostering a culture of continuous feedback and improvement within the organization?

  • Cloud-based HR software often includes performance management modules that facilitate ongoing feedback, goal setting, and development planning. Features like 360-degree feedback, real-time performance analytics, and skill assessment tools support continuous improvement initiatives.


What are cloud-based HR systems?

  • Cloud-based HR systems are software applications hosted on remote servers and accessed via the internet. They offer accessibility from anywhere, scalability to adapt to business needs, cost-effectiveness with no upfront hardware costs, robust security measures, integration with other business systems, and features like employee self-service and analytics for better decision-making. They streamline HR operations and are ideal for organizations of all sizes looking to modernize their HR management.

Ethical Frameworks for AI-Generated Portraits: Considerations for Developers

In an era where technology intersects with creativity, AI-generated portraits have emerged as a groundbreaking tool, revolutionizing industries ranging from marketing to entertainment. The advent of AI headshot generators has sparked debates surrounding their ethical implications, particularly in professional settings where traditional headshots have long been the norm.

This blog delves into the ethical frameworks surrounding AI-generated portraits, specifically focusing on the concerns of developers. We’ll explore key areas like bias, privacy, ownership, and transparency, offering practical considerations for developers to ensure their AI tools are responsible and ethical.

The Rise of AI Headshots: A Boon or Bane?

AI headshot generators work by analyzing vast datasets of existing professional portraits. They learn the underlying patterns and aesthetics associated with professional headshots and can then generate realistic, high-quality portraits based on user input.Moreover, AI headshots offer unparalleled convenience, allowing users to create customized portraits quickly and affordably. This technology offers several advantages:

1. Accessibility: Traditional professional headshots often require scheduling appointments, coordinating with photographers, and investing significant time and resources. AI headshot generators democratize access to high-quality portraits, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to obtain professional imagery effortlessly.

2. Consistency: Human photographers may encounter variability in lighting conditions, posing preferences, and editing styles, leading to inconsistencies in the final output. AI headshot generators ensure consistency across all portraits, maintaining a cohesive visual identity for individuals or organizations.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: Commissioning professional photographers for headshots can incur substantial expenses, especially for businesses or individuals requiring multiple images. AI headshot generators offer a cost-effective alternative, eliminating the need for recurring photography sessions and minimizing financial barriers.
However, alongside these benefits, there are significant ethical concerns that developers need to acknowledge and address.

Navigating the Ethical Landscape: Key Considerations for Developers

Developing an AI headshot generator requires careful consideration of several ethical principles. Here’s a breakdown of the crucial areas developers should focus on:

1. Bias and Fairness: Mitigating Algorithmic Prejudice
AI systems are only as good as the data they’re trained on. Unfortunately, datasets can inadvertently encode societal biases, leading to discriminatory outputs. For example, an AI trained on a dataset primarily featuring Caucasian professionals might struggle to generate realistic headshots for people of color.

Considerations for Developers:

Data Diversity: Prioritize diverse datasets that represent a wide range of ethnicities, genders, ages, and physical appearances.
Algorithmic Fairness Tools: Implement techniques to identify and mitigate bias within the AI model. This could involve employing fairness metrics during training and testing phases.

User Control: Allow users to choose from various style options that cater to different professional settings and cultural contexts.

2. Privacy and Data Security: Protecting User Information

AI headshot generators often require users to upload photographs. This raises concerns about how this data is stored, used, and potentially shared.

Considerations for Developers:

Clear Data Practices: Implement a transparent data policy outlining how user data is collected, stored, and used.
User Consent: Obtain explicit user consent before using uploaded photographs for training or other purposes.
Secure Data Storage: Employ robust security measures to safeguard user data from unauthorized access or breaches.

3. Ownership and Copyright: Who Owns the Generated Portrait?
When an AI generates a headshot, who owns the copyright? Is it the user who provided the initial data, or does ownership belong to the developers of the AI model?

Considerations for Developers:

Clear Licensing: Establish clear licensing terms that define the ownership and usage rights of AI-generated portraits. This could involve offering different licensing options depending on user needs.
Transparency on AI Contribution: Acknowledge the role of the AI model in creating the headshot while respecting the user’s input and creative choices.

4. Transparency and Explainability: Demystifying the AI Process
For users to trust AI-generated headshots, they need to understand how the process works. A “black box” approach can generate mistrust and limit user control.

Considerations for Developers:

Explainable AI Techniques: Explore tools and techniques that allow users to understand the factors influencing the AI-generated portrait.
User Control Over Style and Output: Provide users with options to influence the style and outcome of the generated headshot.

Beyond Considerations: Building Trustworthy AI Tools
Addressing these ethical considerations is crucial for developers to build trust and encourage responsible adoption of AI headshot generators. Here are some additional recommendations:

Open Dialogue with Stakeholders: Engage in open discussions with ethicists, artists, and potential users to identify and address emerging ethical concerns.
Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on the evolving ethical landscape surrounding AI and strive to continuously improve your AI models to mitigate bias and ensure fairness.

Focus on Human-AI Collaboration: View AI as a tool that can augment human creativity, rather than replacing photographers or artists altogether.
The development of AI headshot generators presents a fascinating opportunity to democratize professional portraiture. By adhering to ethical principles and prioritizing user trust, developers can ensure this technology empowers individuals and businesses.

Professional Headshots in the Digital Age:
In professional contexts, the transition from traditional to AI-generated professional headshots necessitates a reevaluation of established norms and practices.

Authenticity vs. Perfection: While traditional headshots may emphasize authenticity and individuality, AI-generated portraits prioritize aesthetic perfection and symmetry. Developers must strike a balance between enhancing visual appeal and preserving the unique characteristics and identities of subjects.

Adaptability: The dynamic nature of digital platforms and social media requires headshots to be versatile and adaptable across various contexts and resolutions. AI headshot generators offer flexibility in customization, enabling users to tailor portraits to specific platforms or branding requirements.

Ethical Representation: Professional headshots play a crucial role in shaping perceptions and first impressions. Developers should incorporate ethical guidelines into AI models to ensure accurate representation and avoid reinforcing biases or stereotypes.


In conclusion, the ethical frameworks guiding the development and deployment of AI-generated portraits are integral to navigating the intersection of technological innovation and societal values. By embracing transparency, inclusivity, and accountability, developers can harness the transformative potential of AI headshot generators while upholding ethical standards and safeguarding user trust. Ethical innovation requires a collaborative effort among stakeholders to address emerging challenges, promote responsible usage, and ensure that AI technologies serve the collective good. As we chart a course towards an ethically robust future, let us strive to balance innovation with ethics, empowering individuals and communities to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Top 20 HR Software for Enterprise 2024

HR Software for Enterprise

What is HR Software for Enterprise?

Enterprise HR software is a super tool for organizations to manage everything related to their human resources, i.e., employees. It’s a one-stop solution for many HR processes like payroll, employee performance management, storage and maintenance of employee data, recruitment, managing benefits, and tracking compliance as well.

Think of it as a large centralized system where every piece of employee information is neatly stored and easily accessible. Enterprise HR software is specifically designed for companies with a huge workforce. It’s designed to simplify HR tasks and improve communication, ultimately helping decision-makers make informed decisions.

Its job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to human resources.

Let’s dive in to take a look at some of the best enterprise HR software out there. These programs come with strong features and great security, making them better than the rest of the market.

This guide will give you all the information you need about each software so that you can choose the one that matches your requirements.

If you are confused about which HR Software is suitable for my business this video help you out. The HR expert help you find the best HRMS as per your requirement and you can schedule free demos.

Here are the 20 Best HR Software for Enterprise for 2024

Take a look at the top 20 enterprise HR software products available on the market right now. Check out the short descriptions of their key features so that you can make an informed decision about the software that’s perfect for you.

1. PeopleApex

PeopleApex dashboard


PeopleApex is an HR software for enterprise. It’s a cloud-based system, which means you can access it anytime, anywhere. The software helps enterprises with end-to-end human resources management processes. You can integrate it with your payroll system to ensure all the necessary payments are made on time. It also allows organizations to grant role-based access to their people.

The biometric feature ensures that attendance management is always accurate and up-to-date. Managers can use it to check their team’s leaves and expense claims, whereas employees can ask for reimbursements and check their approval status. Recruiters can use the software to scout the right talent for the company.


The pricing for PeopleApex is officially unavailable since they prefer to engage directly with interested clients when it comes to negotiating the pricing for their services.


  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance management
  • Learning and development management
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Benefits administration
  • Workflow automation
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Customizable dashboards

2. Keka

Keka dashboard

Keka is one of the best cloud-based HR software for organizations of all shapes and sizes. It simplifies tasks like monitoring employee performance, payroll management, recruitment, and attendance tracking. With the help of GPS and IoT Keka also allows team leaders to track employee hours. Moreover, employees can easily manage their attendance requests. HR can now easily handle attendance and recruitment. Also, it provides detailed analytics reports that help track employee data and understand workforce trends.

Keka offers three plans, as follows:

Foundation plan Strength plan Growth plan
₹6999 per month upto 100 employees + ₹60 per month per additional employee. ₹9999 per month upto 100 employees + ₹90 per month per additional employee. 13999 per month upto 100 employees + ₹130 per month per additional employee.


  • Payroll processing
  • Leave and attendance management
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee self-service
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • Timesheet management
  • Expense management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • HR automation and workflows
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

3. FactoHR

factohr dashboard


factoHR is a great HR software for enterprise. it’s super secure and easy to use. It makes all HR processes, from onboarding to offboarding, smooth and hassle-free, boosting efficiency.

It’s a web-based tool for managing HR and payroll. The software is designed to track attendance, manage leaves, and assess performance. It automates payroll processes and generates detailed reports. Furthermore, it’s compliant with government regulations and allows managers to set and monitor goals for employees.


The pricing for factoHR is officially unavailable since they prefer to directly engage with interested clients when it comes to negotiating the pricing for their services.


  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Expense management
  • Benefits administration
  • Leave management
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Customizable reporting

4. Qandle

Qandle dashboard

Qandle is a flexible HR software that adapts to your company’s needs. It simplifies managing tasks like workflow, payroll, travel, and expenses.
This cloud-based solution automates paperwork and administrative tasks. Qandle offers customizable features that suit your business. It’s commonly used for managing calendars, tracking leave and attendance, and evaluating employee performance.

There are four plans that Qandle HRMS offers,

Foundation Regular Plus Premium
₹2450 for 50 employees per month ₹3950 for 50 employees per month ₹4950 for 50 employees per month ₹6450 for 50 employees per month


  • Performance management
  • Employee self-service
  • Time and attendance management
  • Payroll and compliance
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Expense management
  • Benefits management
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Collaboration tools

5. Akrivia HCM

Akrivia-HCM dashboard


Akrivia HCM is a cutting-edge HR platform designed to streamline the entire employee journey, right from onboarding to offboarding within the organization. Thanks to its top-notch architecture and user-focused design, it’s tailored to attract, recruit, develop, and retain the best talent on one comprehensive platform.


The pricing for Akrivia HCM is officially unavailable since they prefer to directly engage with interested clients when it comes to negotiating the pricing for their services.

Talent acquisition
Time and attendance management
Payroll and benefits management
Learning and development
Performance and goals management
Employee self-service
Compliance management
Workforce analytics
Customizable workflows
Multi-language and multi-currency support

6. Zoho People

Zoho-payroll dashboard

Zoho People offers cloud-based HR management solutions tailored to cater to the needs of small and medium enterprises. From attendance and payroll management to performance and time tracking, it simplifies HR processes. Furthermore, it also easily integrates with external platforms for seamless operations. This allows businesses to optimize HR productivity while improving overall productivity. Moreover, the tool also allows organizations to categorize FAQs and create automated replies to solve those queries.

There are four plans that Zoho People offer,

Essential HR Professional Premium Enterprise
Starting at ₹504 per employee per year Starting at ₹120 per employee per month Starting at ₹1728 per employee per year Starting at ₹2304 per employee per year


  • Attendance and leave management
  • Employee self-service
  • Performance appraisal and feedback
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Customizable workflows
  • Case management
  • Shift scheduling and management
  • Employee records and databases

7. greytHR

greytHR dashboard

greytHR is a cloud-based HR and payroll software. It’s used by businesses across the globe to streamline core HR processes with automation. The platform is ISO-certified, which makes sure data security is never compromised. You can customize the greytHR services based on your business needs thanks to its pay-per-use model.

This enterprise HR software is being used by more than 20,000 businesses across India with efficiency and data security, ensuring compliance and peace of mind thanks to its automation features.

The starting price for a greytHR plan is $50.


  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Leave and attendance tracking
  • Expense management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment management
  • Statutory compliance and updates
  • Benefits management
  • Performance management
  • Mobile app for HR tasks
  • Analytics and reporting

8. Zimyo

Zimyo dashboard

It’s an employee experience platform featuring strong HRMS modules. Zimyo is a perfect platform for both employees and HR managers. The platform simplifies every process, right from onboarding to offboarding. Zimyo is designed to boost organizational efficiency by automating tasks like workflow creation, tracking employee performance, and managing attendance.

It’s a system that makes life easy for both the employer and the employee with assistance in benefits management, employee recognition processes, loan and advance management, salary computation, etc.

Zimyo has three offerings, Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.

Basic Standard Enterprise
₹80 per user per month. ₹125 per user per month. ₹200 per user per month.


  • Payroll management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Performance management and reviews
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Benefits administration
  • Time tracking and project management
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Compensation and rewards
  • Customizable dashboards and reports

9. ZingHR

ZingHR dashboard

ZingHR offers cloud-based HR and payroll services, using AI to ensure accurate payroll management. Its intuitive platform simplifies employee lifecycle management, i.e., from onboarding to offboarding. Furthermore, it provides tools for performance evaluation and learning. The mobile app includes features like QR code attendance and mass messaging for seamless communication.

ZingHR has a basic plan that is priced at $2 per employee per month.


  • Performance management
  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Time tracking and scheduling
  • Benefits management
  • Learning and development tools
  • Mobile app for HR tasks
  • HR analytics and reporting

10. Gusto

gusto dashboard

GustoHR is a web-based solution for managing employees, offering customizable onboarding checklists and payroll scheduling tools. It helps team leads manage their teams better since they can manage working hours, leaves, and time off on the platform itself. The platform simplifies PTO calculations and automates accounting processes, making it easier for organizations to handle employee-related tasks efficiently.

Gusto has three plans, Simple, Plus, and Premium.

Simple Plus Premium
The monthly price for the Simple plan is $40 + $6 per employee Plus plan it’s $80 + $12 per employee Pricing is custom, based on specific needs and requirements

Payroll management
Benefits administration
Time tracking and attendance
Employee self-service portal
HR compliance support
Performance reviews and feedback
Onboarding and offboarding
Health benefits and insurance
Expense management
Hiring and recruitment tools

Find HR Software - Banner

11. BambooHR

BambooHR dashboard

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It streamlines HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, time tracking, and payroll management. With its intuitive interface and data analysis capabilities, BambooHR helps create a productive work culture and enhance employee satisfaction.


BambooHR has two feature offerings i.e. Essentials and Advantage.
The Essentials package starts around $108/month for 20 employees + $5.40/month per additional employee.
The Advantage package starts around $180/month for 20 employees + $9/month per additional employee.


  • Employee records management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance management
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • HR reporting and analytics
  • Benefits management
  • Time-off tracking
  • Learning and training management

12. PeopleStrong

peoplestrong dashboard

PeopleStrong’s integrated HRMS platform combines advanced technology with talent management functionalities. It offers real-time insights, AI-powered recruitment, and tools for performance management as well as skill development. With its mobile-first approach and scalable architecture, PeopleStrong delivers a seamless HR experience for enterprises of varied sizes across the globe.


The pricing for PeopleStrong is officially unavailable since they prefer to directly engage with interested clients when it comes to negotiating the pricing for their services.


  • Talent acquisition and recruitment
  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Time and attendance management
  • Performance and goals management
  • Learning and development management
  • Workforce planning and management
  • Benefits administration
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Onboarding and offboarding

13. Darwinbox

Darwin-Box dashboard

Darwinbox simplifies employee management through its comprehensive HRMS platform. It’s designed to streamline recruitment processes, manage career pages, and offer customizable reporting tools. The platform’s user-friendly interface enables organizations to effortlessly manage everything about the employee life cycle, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

With features tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises, DarwinBox provides a seamless experience for HR professionals and employees alike. By automating manual tasks and centralizing HR operations, it enables organizations to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business growth.

The starting at just $1 per month, Darwinbox is one of the most economically priced options when it comes to enterprise HR software.


  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance and goals management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Learning and development tools
  • Compensation and benefits management
  • Employee engagement and communication
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

14. Deel

deel dashboard

Deel improves hiring and management processes with its unified platform, empowering businesses to collaborate effectively and seize new opportunities. By streamlining workflows and providing necessary guidance, Deel enhances business efficiency and enables seamless collaboration among team members.

Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features help simplify complex tasks, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives. Deel’s innovative approach to HR management fosters a culture of accountability and transparency, boosting organizational growth and success.

The starting price for Deel is $49 per contract per month.


  • Global payroll and compliance management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Benefits and compensation management
  • Contractor management
  • Employee self-service
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Expense management
  • Customizable contracts and documents
  • Global tax and legal support
  • Multicurrency and multilingual support

15. TriNet

TriNet dashboard

TriNet’s powerful HR software for enterprise simplifies employee management and boosts productivity with its comprehensive automation platform. By offering valuable insights through workforce analytics and facilitating seamless HR management, it empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

With a focus on enhancing employee experience and driving organizational success, TriNet delivers innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. From recruitment to offboarding, its integrated platform streamlines HR processes, boosting the overall efficiency of the organization.

TriNet has three plans and their pricing is as follows:

Essentials Growth Zen
$8 per employee per month $16 per employee per month $27 per employee per month


  • Payroll management and processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Performance and goals management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Learning and training management
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

16. uKnowva

uknowva dashboard

uKnowva is a cloud-based enterprise HR software. It’s designed to modernize HR operations for organizations of all sizes. The software is designed to automate manual processes, which enhances efficiency as well as flexibility through its mobile-enabled interface. uKnowva HRMS enables organizations to optimize their HR processes with customizable options catering to the specific needs of the business. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, uKnowva provides a comprehensive solution for modern HR management.

The starting price for uKnowva HR ₹100 per employee per month.


  • Employee engagement tools
  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Performance management
  • Time tracking and scheduling
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

17. Workday

Workday dashboard

Workday offers cloud-based human resource management services, providing quick implementation and advanced features like planning and analytics. Its built-in interface and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for large organizations seeking efficient HR solutions. With a focus on enhancing employee experience and driving organizational success, Workday delivers innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.

Workday doesn’t disclose pricing details on its website. They directly engage with interested enterprises while giving them customized quotes based on their requirements.

Although official pricing may not be available, there are reports from some users that the general pricing starts at around $99 per employee per month.


  • Global payroll and compliance management
  • Time tracking and scheduling
  • Performance and goals management
  • Talent management and development
  • Learning and training management
  • Compensation and benefits management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Workforce planning and management
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

18. Sage

Sage-HR dashboard

Sage HR simplifies remote employee management through its cloud-based solution, merging workforce oversight and task automation. With personalized logins and stringent permission controls, it upholds data security and regulatory adherence. By consolidating HR processes and data, it fosters collaboration and informed decision-making, elevating organizational efficiency. Thanks to its advanced features, Sage HR provides comprehensive solutions for enterprises.

The base plan Sage HR starts at $5.50 per employee per month.


  • Payroll and compliance management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Benefits administration
  • Talent management and development
  • Learning and training management
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Mobile app for HR tasks

19. Namely

Namely dashboard

Namely presents an inclusive HR suite integrating payroll, talent management, and benefits administration, ideal for mid-market organizations navigating regulatory complexities. Its cloud-based platform, coupled with customizable features, empowers businesses to streamline operations and boost growth.

The base plan Namely i.e. Namely now, starts at $9 per employee per month.


  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Performance management and reviews
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Talent acquisition and onboarding
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Document management
  • Employee engagement tools
  • HR compliance support
  • Customizable dashboards and reports

20. Paychex

HR Software for Enterprises - paychex

Paychex is a consumer-friendly online payroll control software application designed to enhance payroll performance. It simplifies payroll tax calculations, work hour tracking, and compliance with salary legal guidelines. With more than two hundred compliance professionals, Paychex ensures corporations navigate complicated payroll policies without issues.

Its customer service group deals with any problems right away, giving peace of mind to the clients. Whether calculating, submitting payroll taxes, or handling compliance, the platform gives a reliable answer and is relied on by organizations to streamline payroll processes and maintain compliance seamlessly.

The base plan of Paychex i.e. Paychex Flex Essentials costs $39 (per month) + $5 (per employee).


  • Payroll management and processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking
  • HR analytics and reporting
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Compensation and rewards management
  • HR compliance and support
  • Learning and training management

Benefits of HR Software for Enterprise

As HR departments evolve throughout the globe, so do the services of HR software programs. Admin tools for statistics collection and employee self-service are essential at the moment, with top enterprises using HR software programs to enhance staff optimization and engagement.

The focus is shifting towards leveraging these platforms to create deeper connections and engaged staff, in line with the ever-changing landscape of human resources in modern organizations.

Here are some of the essential benefits of HR software for enterprise:

1. HR software saves you time

One of the most critical benefits of getting HRMS software for your corporation is that it saves time.

How? It automates a number of time-consuming manual tasks, enabling you to work on vital factors of strategizing commercial growth and placing efforts into the execution of that growth strategy.

Relying on paperwork and filing cabinets to manage simple employee data can feel like a hassle. Just believe the time it takes to pick out leave paperwork to apprehend your team’s calendar.

HR software comes to the rescue via automating processes like leave allowance, employee training, leave tracking, and plenty more. Furthermore, it simplifies workflows while boosting productivity.

2. Everything is at your fingertips

Accessing all vital statistics from a centralized area is one of the key advantages of HR software. Say goodbye to memorizing complex codes or carrying around heavy files due to the fact that all you need is available at your fingertips.

Whether you’re working from multiple places or dealing with a remote group, HR software programs eliminate the need to be logged into your corporation’s network, providing convenience and flexibility.

Having easily available information simplifies choice-making and decreases the possibility of making terrible decisions based totally on old statistics.

Plus, superior HR software lets you delve into analytics to discover trends and address problems along with excessive turnover in specific roles. HR software empowers you to drive positive outcomes based on well-informed choices.

3. Data security? No need to worry about that

The time of filing cabinets may be history, but many small and medium organizations still depend on them to keep employee information. However, the emergence of HRMS has enhanced security, assisting compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

A cloud-based HR software program offers an added layer of protection, safeguarding employee information from catastrophes. With access from any gadget, including a PC or cell phone, you may make sure information is accessible at all times.

HR software streamlines file control, monitoring who accesses what while reducing paperwork to enhance productivity. It also serves as a centralized archive for old documents, policies, handbooks, and manuals.

Moreover, the move towards printing fewer files contributes to transitioning to a paperless workplace, which is a supplementary advantage of adopting HR software.

4. Seamless leave monitoring

Dealing with sick leaves along with a surprising inflow of leave requests can be unbearable at times. HR software provides a solution by offering an easily accessible holiday planning system and the reason behind each absence.

But over and above just functioning as a calendar, HRMS benefits SMEs by routinely calculating pro-rata entitlements, tracking leave, and facilitating holiday request management.

For employees, HR software simplifies the procedure, they are able to request holidays whenever, from everywhere they’re operating. Say goodbye to messy email trails and hello to streamlined communication. Who wouldn’t want that alternate?

How to Choose the Best Enterprise HR Software?

So now that you know about some of the best HR software for enterprise, let’s take a look at how you can choose one for your organization.

Here are Some Tips to Help you do That:

  • Define your business’s problems in terms of human resources.
  • Take a glance at your needs in addition to your goals so that you can gauge your requirements accordingly.
  • Form a panel of managers from various departments of your enterprise, including HR, IT, finance, and many others. To make certain that every critical person helps you make an informed selection.
  • Make a list of your business enterprise’s requirements. It needs to cover your necessities and organizational issues, including compliance and regulatory needs.
  • Make a shortlist of a few HR software programs you’d want and evaluate every software program to find which software program suits your needs.
  • Request demos of the HR software to learn how it works and whether it’s the best one for your business before you make your decision.


When deciding on an HR software program for your enterprise, deep research is important to find the right solution. A top-notch HRMS can correctly manage your personnel and simplify your organizational tactics.

Take some time to discover the alternatives listed above, making sure every piece of software aligns with your organization’s specific needs and objectives. By putting time and effort into this method, you’ll find reliable software that streamlines HR processes and contributes to the success and growth of your enterprise.

Top 10 SaaS HR Software: Features, Benefits, Costs 2024

SaaS HR Software

Handling the employee data manually, whether in SMEs or a large enterprise, is time-consuming, inaccurate, and increases the burden on HR professionals. All such data can be automated through the “HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). “HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based platform that streamlines everyday HR operations. It is generally sold as a subscription-based service that’s hosted by third parties and is accessible to the users via the Internet.

These Top 10 SaaS HR Software help companies smoothly manage the day-to-day HR functions such as payroll, accounting, attendance tracking, performance management, recruitment, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SaaS software out there.

This blog comes with advanced features and great security, making it better than the rest of the market. This blog will help you choose the right HR Software that matches your requirements.

Recommended Top 10 SaaS HR Software 2024

Payroll Softwares - KekaHR

1. Keka

KekaHr is the Best SaaS HR Software in India that automates and simplifies day-to-day human resources operations. It is a well-known software that streamlines all the monotonous HR tasks. According to the source, KekaHR is called a ‘people enabler,’ as it builds an engaged culture through its SaaS HR software solution. Keka secured $57 Million A SaaS funding, which is the highest till now in India.

Google Rating: 4.1
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 60 per employee per month.
1. Payroll Software
2. Leave Management
3. Attendance Management
4. GPS / Mobile Attendance
5. Employee Database Management
6. Workflows Management

Payroll Softwares - Zimyo

2. Zimyo

Zimyo is one of the leading HR SaaS Solution providers in India. It reduces the burden on HR professionals by automating all the time-consuming HR tasks from onboarding to offboarding. Moreover, it has an intuitive interface and a strong record of highly satisfying customer experience. The clients love this HR SaaS software because it reduces manual HR tasks and paperwork by 97%.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: ₹60/employee per month for up to 40 employees.
1. Performance
2. Employee Engagement
3. Time and Attendance
4. Recruitment and Onboarding
5. Payroll Management
6. Policy Management

3. Qandle

Qandle is the popular cloud-based HRMS SaaS in India that streamlines all HR operations. The HR SaaS software strategically manages the workforce and effortlessly handles various HR functions such as hiring, recruitment, training, promotions, etc. The software has a huge client base because of its record of minimizing the attrition rate and maximizing employee engagement. Qandle has been listed among the Best 20 HR SaaS companies globally, making it stand out from its competitors.

Google Rating: 4.5
Pricing: The plan starts at ₹2450 per month, up to 50 employees.
1. Hire & Onboard
2. Track Time and Holidays
3. Manage Employee Compensation
4. Employee Records, Profiles, Assets
5. Feedback and Training
6. Employee Exits and Clearance Process

Find HR Software - Banner

attendance management system dubai - uknowva

4. uknowva

uknowva is one of the top-rated HR SaaS companies in India. It offers the smartest HR Saas solutions that help in automating & scaling all the HR operations from hire to retirement of an employee. Such a cloud-based SaaS company has 100+ AI-backed and in-built smart applications that offer seamless integration.

Google Rating: 4.8
Pricing: Starts from Rs. 60 per employee/user per month.
1. Payroll Software
2. Recruitment and Onboarding
3. Performance Management
4. Projects & Timesheets
5. Employee Management and Collaboration
6. Helpdesk for Employees

Payroll Softwares - greytHR

5. greythr

The Greythr HR SaaS Solution provider has a comprehensive platform that handles the entire journey of employees from their onboarding to offboarding. It provides transparency, streamlines all the HR processes, and increases employee engagement. Such a cloud-based HR SaaS software eliminates all the errors taking place due to manual HR handling. The company has received various awards for its excellent performance. Moreover, it is Rated ‘Leader’ on G2.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: Starting at just Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. Automation
2. Self Service portal
3. Employee Database
4. Task Management
5. Leave / Attendance
6. Payroll Software
7. Proactive Customer Support

6. Darwinbox

Darwinbox is a well-known HRMS SaaS platform that automates and streamlines all HR functions. The HR SaaS provides highly efficient solutions for employee engagement, talent management, and other HR-related operations. What makes it the Best SaaS HR Software
in India, is its seamless integration, reliable, and easy-to-use platform. This end-to-end integrated HRMS SaaS software in India provides an intuitive user experience with complete security measures in place.

Google Rating: 3.7
1. Performance management
2. Employee engagement
3. Travel and Expense management
4. Configurable salary structures
5. Payroll, payslips
6. Income tax, track loan, claim benefits

Payroll Softwares - hrone

7. HROne

HROne is the top-rated cloud-based HR SaaS Solution provider that assists in employee lifecycle management from hire to retirement. It automates all the HR functions and makes them accessible at a single centralized platform. Customers love the HROne HRIS SaaS, India, because it integrates different modules such as attendance management, performance management, etc. Such an HR SaaS company has an intuitive interface with the five lakh current users.

Google Rating: 4.7
Pricing: Starts at just Rs. 50 per employee per month.
1. Track Recruiter’s workload
2. Customized Workflows
3. Automation
4. Auto-calculate CTC
5. Performance
6. Asset
7. Payroll

Payroll Softwares - 247HRM

8. 247 HRM

247 HRM is the top-notch HR SaaS company in India that manages all HR tasks from its single cloud-based platform. You can customize the software as per your requirements. Customers find this software suitable because of its user-friendly dashboard. If you are looking for the best HR SaaS companies in India, your search ends with 247 HRM. It has managed 800+ clients and 100,000+ employees to date across 20 industry verticals in the past 60 years of experience.

Google Rating: 4.4
Pricing: The plan starts at Rs. 30 per employee per month.
1. Performance Appraisal
2. HR Automation
3. Employee Self Service
4. Leave, Attendance, Payroll
5. Expense Management
6. Talent Management
7. Tax Management

9. PocketHRMS

PocketHRMS is the Best SaaS HR Software in India that handles the entire HR process from recruitment to full and final settlement of an employee. With its AI-based efficiency and a web-based solution, PocketHRMS has been designed to empower businesses of all sizes. It has an easy-to-understand and accessible SaaS platform that makes it custom-friendly and reliable software. After implementing this software in your organization, you get team collaboration, employee engagement, and accurate analytical reports as a result.

Google Rating: 4.0
1. Automated Payroll
2. Recruitment and Hiring
3. Timesheet, Time-tracking
4. FnF
5. Expense Management
6. Reports and Analytics

10. Spine HR

SpineHR is a complete HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that streamlines and automates your human resource management processes. They offer a variety of services such as payroll processing, performance management, recruiting, and employee tracking, helping businesses increase efficiency and reducing human error. Its user-friendly interface and cloud-based platform enable safe access to HR data at all times and from any location. Choose SpineHR to improve your HR processes while focusing on strategic growth.

Google Rating: 4.3
1. Core HR and Payroll Attendance Attendance
2. Employee Self Service
3. Training and Induction
4. Expense
6. Performance Management
7. claims and Reimbursement

Important Features of Top SaaS HR Software

Here are the Important Features of Top SaaS HR Software:

1. HR Automation

Human resources (HR) automation is the most crucial feature of SaaS HR Software. It automates, streamlines, and simplifies the entire HR process. Moreover, it stores the data digitally at one central location where every team member can check the updates instantly without the need to depend on HR teams. Companies no longer have to enter the employee & other HR data manually, which is inaccurate & time-consuming.

The software automates several HR functions such as recruitment, payroll, attendance tracking, onboarding, performance management, offboarding, etc. HR automation eliminates the need to depend on manual data processing that is too time-consuming, inefficient, and filled with human-made errors.

2. Employee Data Management

Companies managing HR data manually through registers always faced the problem of storing employee data appropriately. Due to this, whenever you need to fetch any employee details, you have to go through tons of attendance registers, personal data spreadsheets, etc, for hours. All of this not only wasted HR’s time but also led to inaccurate data, errors, data duplicacy, etc. Imagine when the employee data is not stored correctly, you might end up with various problems such as salary disbursement to the wrong account, wrong calculation of taxes, incorrect personal details, wrong calculation of incentives based on performances, etc.

With the help of SaaS HR software, all such data is easily streamlined, appropriately stored at one single location, and simplified for you to access anytime, anywhere. The online SaaS HR system tracks and manages data digitally helping to minimize incorrect data entry, data loss threats, and the need for manual working.

3. Time and Attendance Tracking

Employees were asked to take attendance on registers in the manual HR data processing. Imagine that the number of registers required to take employee attendance every day would eventually multiply with the increase in the number of employees. Moreover, employees used to extend their break times, go out of the office, and come in as per their wishes and were performing unethical practices such as buddy punching. This way, tracking the time & attendance of employees was extremely difficult.

With the help of SaaS HR software, you can easily track the punching time & attendance of the employees accurately. It has biometric systems and a card swipe method to record the in and out time of the employees along with the total time of break taken by them. Online SaaS HR software provides ease to HR professionals in correct data monitoring, instant shift schedule updates, and accurately tracking the working hours of employees.

4. Easy Payroll Process

The payroll process has always been difficult to handle in manual payroll processing. Whether it’s calculations of tax deductions, forms 16, incentives, salary processing, PF, etc, manual processing of payroll has never been accurate. Employees felt discouraged and unmotivated as they needed to get the correct salary on time. It might lead to legal problems and disputes between employer-employee and employee-employee. Moreover, it is one of the causes of a decrease in the retention rates in the company.

How to handle all such problems? The HR SaaS companies in India solve such issues. The SaaS HR software reduces human-made errors and ensures accurate payroll calculations, along with timely disbursement of salaries to employees. The Best SaaS HR Software in India stays updated with the latest tax laws & regulations. It also offers the integration of the payroll process with the accounting system, leading to efficient payroll processes.

5. Application Tracking

Tracking the application of a candidate manually has been highly problematic. Whether it’s filtering the right candidate based on profile, scheduling interviews, or onboarding them, the entire process becomes clumsy because of data needing to be properly placed here and there. The HRMS SaaS, in India, offers the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to efficiently track the entire lifecycle of a candidate from hiring and recruitment to full & final settlements.

The HR SaaS software streamlines the hiring process as a whole of an applicant by automated sourcing, screening, communication, scheduling interviews, ranking of the job applicants, final onboarding, etc. You need to enter the employee’s name in the software, and you will get every detail about them.

This way you can track the progress of an applicant, whether it’s accepted, rejected, or lies at which stage of the application hiring process. As a result, the software helps the companies by improving the ‘quality of hires,’ ensuring they are qualified enough to do a job role in the best possible manner and not turn out to be a non-performing asset for the company.

Benefits SaaS HR Software

Here are the Benefits of SaaS HR Software:

1. Real-Time Updates and Tracking

In the manual way of handling HR tasks, there existed a lot of communication gaps within the teams. Half of the employees needed to be made aware of the new updates taking place in the organization. The HR SaaS Solution is solving such a problem as it tracks all the employee performances and other modifications in the HR system.

Moreover, it provides regular updates on a real-time basis, reducing the chance of communication gaps or miscommunication between the employees. Since the employees remain updated with the latest updates in the system, there are minimal disputes, less workload on HR professionals, clear communication, transparency, high-end productivity, and boosted employee motivation level.

2. Automation

With manually operating HR, there was a lot of effort & time wastage. Everything was recorded offline through registers or spreadsheets, word docs, etc. Manually entering each employee’s record was secretly affecting employees & HR professionals’ performances. They needed to be able to focus on key functional areas of the company.

This problem is solved by the HRMS SaaS, India, which has automated the entire HR process. Now, every HR detail is stored in a single centralized platform, making it easy to access, retrieve and operate. Because of this, HR professionals no longer have to waste their time on manual administrative tasks. It indeed has been saving their time & effort that can be shifted towards the key strategic HR tasks.

3. AI Data Analysis

In the manual way of working, there existed a lot of HR-related data that could have been more useful and explored. Because of this traditional HR data handling, professionals were not able to stay ahead of future risks. Thanks to the Best SaaS HR Software today, it takes care of each piece of HR data by analyzing the complex HR data through AI and artificial Intelligence algorithms to get meaningful insights.

Such use of the latest AI algorithms not only assists you in future HR risk management but also picks up all the errors in the existing HR system & provides solutions for them. As a result, you get accurate calculations and other HR-related data assessments.

4. Analytics and Reporting

In the manual HR processing, fetching the relevant report as per the situation wasn’t possible. It is so because everything was jotted down on notebooks, spreadsheets, or Word docs. With the help of an HR SaaS Solution, everything is entered & recorded online in the software. The software captures the latest trends and patterns and uses advanced-level tools & analytics such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), predictive analysis, Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, etc.

It helps to retrieve different types of reports by putting desired filters. This way, even ten years later, if you wish to check the performance or details of an employee, you are just a few filters away. Getting ready-made AI-analyzed reports ensures accuracy and helps in strategic planning, future predictions, and improved decision-making.

5. Robust Security

The companies that store HR data manually always face the threat of data leakage and other security threats. Such manual data is often misused and misinterpreted by third parties, leading to employee dissatisfaction. Once the security of an employee’s data is compromised, the entire company is at a threat to data safety and has to face the repercussions of it later.

With the implementation of SaaS HR Software in your organization, you can stay assured of getting top-notch security for sensitive HR data and confidential employee data such as addresses, bank details, passwords, etc. The SaaS-based HR Software uses multi-factor authentication and authorization access tools to safeguard the HR data. Henceforth, having robust security in your company will ensure data security and data privacy.

HR Software Pricing Models

The price of HR Software varies between INR 0/- for Free Subscription Plans to INR 10,000/- per employee/month for paid versions of the software. The price of the software from different HR SaaS vendors is decided based on the client’s organization size, unique requirements, integration, deployment mode, features, customizations, etc. The SaaS HR Software vendors have the following plans:

  • Monthly Payment Plans
  • Annual Payment Plans
  • Quote-Based Hr Plans
  • Free Subscription Plans

You get 20%-30% discounts on the actual cost of the HR software if you choose the annual subscription plan.


The HR SaaS Solution is the need of an hour for your organization. With the manual way of handling HR data, a lot of time, effort & efficiency of the HR professionals were wasted. This problem is solved by the HR SaaS companies in India that automate 95% of the data-to-day HR operations. The Best SaaS HR Software offers high-end productivity, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiencies and supports hybrid working models.

Finding a reliable HR SaaS provider from numerous HR SaaS companies available today needs to be clarified. Your confusion ends with ‘StartupHR Software‘ as we have the collection of the Best SaaS HR Software in India. Our HR experts find the right HR SaaS software to simplify your day-to-day HR operations. Get the ‘Free Demo Session’ and ‘One-on-one Consultation’ to discuss your personalized HR requirements with us.

Top 20 HR Software in Qatar

best HR Software in Qatar

In the vibrant business landscape of Qatar, Human Resources (HR) professionals face a myriad of challenges in managing their workforce efficiently. In Qatar’s bustling corporate scene, Human Resources (HR) professionals face a slew of obstacles in effectively managing their personnel. HR activities need accuracy and efficacy, from hiring top talent to productivity. However, with the introduction of HR software in Qatar, these issues are gradually becoming manageable.

HR software automates difficult operations, consolidates data, and provides relevant insights, all of which help to streamline HR procedures. These technologies are critical for connecting HR strategy with overall company objectives, resulting in a dynamic and efficient work environment.

In this post, we will look at twenty Best HR Software designed specifically for Qatari businesses. From complex applicant tracking systems to powerful payroll administration solutions, these HR software alternatives meet a wide range of requirements, allowing HR professionals to tackle difficulties with ease.

Furthermore, we will look at the key factors for choosing the proper HR solution – one that is not only efficient but also sturdy enough to suit the particular needs of businesses operating in Qatar’s dynamic market. Organizations in Qatar may improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and push development in a competitive business landscape by utilizing the correct HR software.


Top 20 HR Software in Qatar [2024]

Here is a list of Top Rated HR Software in Qatar: Artify360, Zimyo, Yomly, Cipherbizz, KekaHR, greytHR, Sparrow Solution, icehrm, ZenHR, PayliteHRMS, Erpbright, Menaitech, Smarthrsoftware’s, DotsHR, Peniel Computer, Voyon Folks, FactoHR, inforiseit, gulfHR, Humantiz

1. Artify360

Artify360 is a cutting-edge HR Software in Qatar that aims to transform human capital management. Artify360’s simple platform and wide range of features enable businesses to optimize HR procedures, including recruiting and performance monitoring. Artify360, trusted by organizations around the Gulf region, is dedicated to increasing productivity and employee engagement via creative technological solutions.


  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Performance management tools
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Customizable workflows and forms
  • Onboarding and offboarding automation
  • Attendance tracking and leave management
  • Skills and competency management
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Integration with third-party HR tools
  • Mobile application for remote access
HR Software in Saudi

2. Zimyo

Zimyo also provides complete HR software in Qatar that is adapted to the specific requirements of modern enterprises. Zimyo’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface simplify HR activities such as payroll management, leave tracking, and performance evaluation. Zimyo, trusted by businesses of all sizes, is committed to increasing employee productivity and generating organizational success in Saudi Arabia.


  • Payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Employee database management
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Training and development module
  • Recruitment management system (RMS)
  • Performance appraisal tools
  • Leave management with approval workflows
  • Document management and storage
  • Customizable HR analytics reports

3. Yomly

Yomly emerges as an example of innovation in the HR solutions space; They provide a unique mix of speed and intelligence. Software, with an emphasis on understanding the complex requirements of modern businesses, delivers bespoke HR software that goes beyond traditional limitations. From smooth hiring processes to individualized employee development, Software enables firms to confidently and accurately navigate the ever-changing world of human capital management.


  • Recruitment automation and applicant tracking
  • Employee onboarding with digital forms
  • Performance evaluation and feedback
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Compensation and Benefits Administration
  • Employee scheduling and shift management
  • Compliance management with labor laws
  • Employee engagement surveys and sentiment analysis
  • Mobile-friendly interface for remote access
  • Customizable dashboards and analytics reports

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cipherbizz - HR Software in Dubai

4. Cipherbizz

Cipherbizz emerges as the best in HR software in Qatar, providing personalized solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with a thorough grasp of organizational needs. Cipherbizz’s powerful features help HR professionals optimize operations, increase productivity, and deliver business outcomes. Whether it’s automating performance management or streamlining recruiting procedures, Cipherbizz provides enterprises with the tools they need to win in the competitive Saudi marketplace.


  • Goal setting and tracking
  • 360-degree feedback mechanism
  • Succession planning tools
  • Employee rewards and recognition
  • HR analytics for workforce planning
  • Compliance management with GDPR and regulations
  • Employee wellness programs tracking
  • Customizable performance appraisal templates
  • Integration with popular communication tools
  • Role-based access control and data security measures

5. KekaHR

Keka established itself as a top HR software in Qatar, offering innovative solutions that enable businesses to prosper in the digital age of technology. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, Keka delivers a complete platform that covers the different demands of modern businesses. From talent acquisition to payroll administration, Keka simplifies HR procedures, improves employee experiences, and propels corporate performance in Qatar’s dynamic business climate.


  • HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Payroll processing with automated calculations
  • Leave management and absence tracking
  • Performance evaluation and goal setting
  • Employee self-service portal for profile updates and requests
  • Recruitment management with job postings and candidate tracking
  • Employee engagement surveys and sentiment analysis
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Integration with accounting software for financial reporting
Payroll Softwares - greytHR

6. greytHR

greytHR is a leading HR software solution committed to streamlining HR processes for businesses in Qatar and beyond. They are committed to innovation and excellence and provide a comprehensive range of cloud-based HR solutions that are adapted to the different demands of modern enterprises. From payroll administration to employee self-service portals, greytHR enables organizations to optimize procedures, increase productivity, and foster long-term development.


  • Comprehensive Payroll Processing
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employee Database Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration Capabilities

7. Sparrow Solution

Sparrow Solution introduces a breath of fresh air into the HR Software in the Qatar market. With a strong focus on reducing challenges, it provides a portfolio of solutions to meet the different demands of organizations. From effortless employee onboarding to easy performance management, Sparrow Solution enables firms to tackle HR difficulties with confidence and efficiency.


  • Employee directory and centralized database
  • Automated onboarding processes
  • Performance appraisal and feedback tools
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Training and certification management
  • Customizable HR policies and compliance tracking
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Mobile application for remote access and approvals
  • Integration with ERP systems for seamless data exchange
  • Real-time analytics dashboard for workforce insights

8. icehrm

icehrm delivers a unique mix of flexibility and capability to Qatar’s HR software market. They provide customisable solutions that adapt to businesses’ changing demands, with a focus on the user experience. With its user-friendly UI design and extensive feature set, icehrm simplifies HR operations, improves collaboration, and creates a culture of productivity and creativity. icehrm is the appropriate partner for organizations in Qatar looking to leverage technology to improve HR management efficiency.


  • Centralized employee database
  • Leave management with customizable policies
  • Time tracking and attendance management
  • Payroll processing with tax calculations
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Performance evaluation and goal setting
  • Employee self-service portal for profile updates and requests
  • Training and development module with course tracking
  • Customizable reports and analytics dashboard
  • Mobile application for employee access on-the-go

9. ZenHR

ZenHR’s cloud-based platform and simple design provide a seamless HR experience for organizations of all sizes. From recruiting to payroll administration, ZenHR simplifies procedures, empowers HR professionals, and improves employee experiences. Companies may use ZenHR to maximize their workforce’s potential and easily achieve their strategic goals.


  • Employee profile management with document storage
  • Recruitment management with job postings and screening
  • Performance appraisal and competency assessment
  • Time and attendance tracking with geolocation verification
  • Leave management with approved workflows
  • Employee engagement surveys and feedback mechanisms
  • Training and certification tracking
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes

10. PayliteHRMS

PayliteHRMS emerges as a game changer in the Qatar scene, combining powerful capabilities with exceptional customer service. Software provides a comprehensive suite of human capital management solutions tailored to the specific demands of Qatar companies. PayliteHRMS automates payroll procedures, manages employee benefits, tracks attendance, and allows employers to focus on their people.


  • Comprehensive payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Employee self-service portal for leave requests and document submission
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Recruitment management with candidate tracking
  • Performance evaluation and appraisal tools
  • Training and development module with course catalogue
  • Benefits administration and insurance enrollment
  • HR analytics dashboard for workforce insights
  • Compliance management with labor laws and regulations
  • Mobile application for employee access and approvals

11. Erpbright

Erpbright represents excellence in HR technology; Software offers unique solutions that bridge the gap between complexity and simplicity. They are dedicated to enabling organizational transformation and providing innovative HR software that optimizes procedures and empowers development. From complete payroll administration to strategic planning, Erpbright provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic and competitive world.


  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Performance appraisal and feedback tools
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Payroll processing with tax calculations
  • Training and development module with course catalogue
  • Employee self-service portal for profile updates and requests
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes

12. Menaitech

Menaitech is redefining HR management in Qatar with its creative approach and constant dedication to quality. It is a pioneer in the HR software market, and provides cutting-edge solutions that enable enterprises to succeed in a dynamic business environment. From recruiting to people development, they offer complete solutions that accelerate processes, improve decision-making, and promote organizational success. Menaitech enables businesses to overcome HR difficulties confidently and achieve long-term success.


  • Payroll processing with wage calculation and deductions
  • Employee self-service portal for data updates and leave requests
  • Attendance tracking and shift scheduling
  • Recruitment management with job postings and candidate screening
  • Performance evaluation and goal setting
  • Training and development module with course tracking
  • Benefits administration and insurance enrollment
  • Compliance management with labor regulations
  • Customizable reports and analytics dashboard
  • Integration with biometric devices for time tracking

13. Smarthrsoftware’s

Smarthrsoftware’s user-friendly platform, with its innovative approach, revolutionizes human resource management. Smarthrsoftware, a light of innovation HR Software in Qatar scene, provides solutions that reduce complexity and increase efficiency. Software, with features designed to speed recruiting, automate payroll processing, and allow performance review, enables firms to unlock their workforce’s full potential and easily meet strategic objectives.


  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Performance management tools
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Customizable workflows and forms
  • Onboarding and offboarding automation
  • Attendance tracking and leave management
  • Skills and competency management
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard
  • Integration with third-party HR tools
  • Mobile application for remote access
Dots HR Software in Qatar

14. DotsHR

DotsHR offers innovative solutions that bridge the gap between technology and human resource management. The software has user-friendly UI and strong capabilities that enable HR professionals to confidently and agilely manage complicated situations. Whether it’s streamlining recruiting procedures or fostering employee development, DotsHR gives businesses the tools and information they need to compete in the fast-paced Qatar business landscape.


  • Payroll processing with wage calculation and deductions
  • Employee self-service portal for data updates and leave requests
  • Attendance tracking and shift scheduling
  • Recruitment management with job postings and candidate screening
  • Performance evaluation and goal setting
  • Training and development module with course tracking
  • Benefits administration and insurance enrollment
  • Compliance management with labor regulations
  • Customizable reports and analytics dashboard
  • Integration with biometric devices for time tracking

Peniel-Computer HR Software in Qatar

15. Peniel Computer

Peniel Computer distinguishes itself as a trusted partner in the HR transformation process, They offer personalized solutions tailored to each organization’s specific needs. With a thorough awareness of business peculiarities, Peniel Computer provides cutting-edge HR Software in Qatar that streamlines operations and boosts productivity. Whether it’s automating monotonous processes or using data-driven insights, They help organizations reach their full potential and create sustainable success.


  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Performance appraisal and feedback tools
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Payroll processing with tax calculations
  • Training and development module with course catalog
  • Employee self-service portal for profile updates and requests
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
voyonfolks HR Software in Qatar

16. Voyon Folks HRMS

Voyon Folks HRMS exemplifies innovation and reliability in HR management. They provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enable businesses to prosper in a fast-paced environment. Voyon Folks HRMS streamlines complicated HR procedures and encourage an efficient and collaborative culture by emphasizing seamless integration and user-centred design.


  • Comprehensive payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Employee self-service portal for leave requests and document submission
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Recruitment management with candidate tracking
  • Performance evaluation and appraisal tools
  • Training and development module
  • Benefits administration and insurance enrollment
  • HR analytics dashboard for workforce insights
  • Compliance management with labor laws and regulations
  • Mobile application for employee access and approvals
factoHR HR Software in Qatar

17. FactoHR

factoHR stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of HR Software in Qatar, providing a full portfolio of solutions aimed to the changing demands of modern organizations. factoHR’s easy design and extensive functionality simplify HR operations, improve decision-making, and promote business performance. From payroll software to talent acquisition, Software enables HR professionals to negotiate difficulties with simplicity, allowing organizations to focus on what is most important: their employees.


  • Employee database management
  • Attendance tracking and leave management
  • Payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Performance management and appraisal tools
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Employee self-service portal for data updates and requests
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Benefits administration
inforiseit HR Software in Qatar

18. inforiseit

With cutting-edge technologies and a dedication to quality, inforiseit is redefining HR management. They are trusted partners for businesses in Qatar, providing customizable software that streamlines HR operations and improves operational efficiency. With features designed to automate ordinary processes, increase data quality, and encourage collaboration, inforiseit enables firms to maximize their workforce’s potential and achieve long-term success in the competitive Gulf market.


  • Employee database management
  • Payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Performance management and appraisal tools
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee self-service portal for data updates and requests
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Training and development module with course tracking
  • Integration with third-party systems for seamless data exchange.
HR Software in Qatar - gulf-hr

19. gulfHR

gulfHR emerges as a game-changer in the HR Software in Qatar landscape, offering innovative solutions that enable enterprises to grow in a dynamic business climate. GulfHR’s cloud-based platform and simple design deliver a seamless HR experience that is suited to the specific demands of Qatar companies. From recruiting to performance management, GulfHR provides complete tools to increase efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement.


  • HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • Recruitment management with job postings and candidate screening
  • Performance appraisal and feedback tools
  • Time and attendance tracking with biometric integration
  • Payroll processing with tax calculations
  • Employee self-service portal for profile updates and requests
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Compliance management with labor laws and regulations
  • Mobile application for remote access and approvals
HR Software in Qatar

20. Humantiz

Humantiz HRMS is a comprehensive approach to HR management, integrating cutting-edge technology with a thorough grasp of organizational dynamics. This software with its user-focused design and broad feature set, the software enables businesses to optimize operations, improve collaboration, and promote engagement. From talent acquisition to performance management, This HRMS offers organizations the tools and information they need to prosper in Qatar’s changing economy.


  • Employee database management
  • Payroll processing with tax compliance
  • Recruitment management with applicant tracking
  • Performance management and appraisal tools
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee self-service portal for data updates and requests
  • Customizable workflows and approval processes
  • Benefits administration and insurance management
  • Training and development module with course tracking
  • Integration with third-party systems for seamless data exchange.



What is the Best HR Software?

The Best HR software differs depending on the unique demands and requirements of each company. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, while choosing the best HR software, some variables to consider the organization’s size, financial limits, essential functions (such as payroll processing, recruitment management, performance assessment, and so on), ease of use, customer support, and scalability. It is critical to assess multiple options and select the one that best fits your organization’s aims and goals. Here is the list of the top 10 HR software in Qatar: Artify360, Zimyo, Yomly, Cipherbizz, KekaHR, greytHR, Sparrow Solution, icehrm, ZenHR.

What’s the Future of HR Software?

The future of HR software looks positive, with ongoing technological developments fueling industry growth and evolution. We should anticipate further integration of AI and ML capabilities, allowing HR software to automate more activities, customize employee experiences, and give predictive insights for improved decision-making. In addition, to meet the changing demands of modern workplaces, there will undoubtedly be a greater emphasis on cloud-based solutions, mobile accessibility, and security measures.

What is the Cost of HR Software?

The cost of HR software is based on a wide range of requirements, including the vendor, the number of users, features, and the amount of customization necessary. Some HR software vendors provide subscription-based pricing structures, in which organizations pay a monthly or annual price depending on the number of employees or users who use the software. The software offers pricing plans with different levels of capability to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. You can request quotations from multiple vendors and compare pricing structures to discover a solution that meets your budget and needs. Additionally, pricing for HR software can start at $2 per employee per month.

How HR Software Helps Businesses in Qatar

HR software helps businesses in Qatar by reducing HR operations, increasing efficiency, boosting accuracy, and promoting a more productive work environment. HR software that offers automated payroll processing, recruitment management, performance assessment, time and attendance tracking, and employee self-service portals may assist Qatar businesses in saving time, reducing administrative stress, and focusing on strategic goals. Additionally, HR software may give useful insights through analytics, allowing companies to make data-driven choices.

The adoption of HR software in Qatar is a significant step toward improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness in human capital management. As we discovered in our investigation of HR solutions suited for Qatari businesses, these software alternatives provide a wide range of features to optimize HR procedures and match strategies with overall corporate goals.

We will look at the critical factors for choosing the right HR software – one that is both efficient and sturdy enough to satisfy the specific requirements of companies operating in Qatar’s dynamic economy.

What is HR Software? | Quick Facts | Types, Benefits and Cost

HR software is a game-changer in the workplace, making our HR tasks more accessible and manageable. Such software is all about keeping things more organized, ensuring you are following the rules, allowing your employees to maintain productivity, and improving our teams’ work.

Lately, the world of HR software has been going through some significant upgrades. Thanks to AI and machine learning, these tools are now about more than just keeping track of employee payroll. They also help us understand our teams better, make smarter decisions, manage complex HR tasks and even record ample data.

In this blog, you will learn everything what is HR software, from the basics to different types and an exclusive list of great HR software recommendations for you.

What is HR Software?

An HR software is a digital tool that helps an HR manager handle all the employee-related tasks in a company. No matter the size, type or age, every company can benefit from Human Resource Management Software (HRMS). It includes things like hiring, paying employees, keeping track of their information, checking their work performance, and recording their attendance.

This software puts all these tasks in one place to make things easier and more organized. HR software makes routine tasks quicker, which lets companies focus more on growing and improving their teams.

Who Uses HR Systems?

You would think that HR software only benefits a few companies or individuals. However, it is not limited to the HR department- it benefits almost everyone and every type of company.

Let’s take a closer look at who these users are and how they benefit:

1. HR Managers

Starting with the obvious, HR managers use HR software as their go-to tool for handling many tasks. From hiring to keeping track of their professional growth and performance reviews, the software helps with it all. By keeping all necessary employee data and documents in one place, your HR team can avoid any difficulties with compliance. Also, it cuts down on much manual work- giving them more time and energy to focus on what’s more important. This boosts both the efficacy and impact of their work and helps them to make a more significant contribution towards the company.

2. Finance Teams

Managing finances, including salaries, benefits, taxes, and training expenses, is a big task- mainly because it can significantly impact a business’s overall budget and financial strategy. Hence, with features like historical data comparison, benefit enrollments, and forecasting, HR software can help spot financial trends and patterns. For finance teams, the level of detail provided by a tool like this is fundamental since it helps them carry out in-depth studies, spot irregularities, and ensure that all money spent is documented well.

3. Payroll Specialists

A Payroll Specialist is the person who handles the process of paying all employees in a company. They make sure everyone gets the correct amount on payday, considering hours worked, taxes, and other bonuses or deductions. Since their job is to ensure the entire salary process is smooth and meets all legal requirements, this highly effective software is their secret weapon. It also lets employees check their payment details and benefits and change tax information by themselves, making everything transparent, easy and accurate.

4. Recruiters

Finding the right people helps build a team that matches a company’s vibe, brings new ideas, and has the skills to achieve the company’s goals. So HR software helps recruiters by quickly picking out the best candidates more innovatively, making hiring faster and better. It also makes talking to candidates better and more personal, which helps recruiters choose wisely, resulting in great hires that stick around.

5. Team Leaders

HR software is a huge plus point for team leaders across all industries. As they are integral in managing many employees as a team, this tool can help them multitask efficiently. For example, it helps with goal-setting, progress monitoring, and providing feedback using performance management systems. Leaders can also have no trouble scheduling, taking care of shifts and replying to time-off requests.

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HRMS Quick Facts

  • The market for HR software is expected to expand by 55% by 2025, showing an increasing shift for digital HR solutions. (MarketWatch).
  • Businesses that use HR software to motivate staff can see a 21% jump in output (Gallup).
  • A growing dependency on HR software is shown by the 47% of HR professionals who claimed that their company plans to grow its HR technology expenditure in the upcoming year (PwC).
  • The hiring cycle can usually be cut by 18% by HR departments using software for recruitment (iCIMS).
  • Due to improved productivity and lower operating expenses, businesses usually see a return on their investment in their HR software within just six to nine months of use (HR Payroll Systems).

Types of HR software

In the world of HR technology, there are 3 main kinds of software that stand out: HRMS [Human Resource Management System], HCM [Human Capital Management], and HRIS [Human Resource Information System]. Each kind has a unique purpose, catering to different categories of HR functions.

Understanding the differences between them is essential for selecting the right software that will fit like a puzzle piece for your HR needs. Whether managing day-to-day HR tasks or just the overall development of your workforce, these software types offer customizable and tailored solutions. Choosing the right HR & payroll software type can boost how a company handles HR tasks. This leads to better work done faster, digitally more intelligent management of employees, and, in the end, a more vital than ever company. Let’s take a look at the three different types of HR software.


An HRMS (Human Resources Management System) software is designed to automate and simplify the daily time-consuming activities an HR team faces. Unlike other HR tools, HRMS is an all-in-one solution, managing everything right from payroll distribution to any added benefits. This makes it perfect for businesses looking to streamline all their HR activities with a one-stop solution.

  • Performance Management

An HRMS software helps track how healthy employees are doing their jobs. It will guide managers in setting individual goals for their team members, providing constructive feedback, and grading their performance, making it easier to support and improve the team holistically.

  • Leave and Attendance

HRMS software is your friend if you have employees who specifically need to be kept under the radar for their leaves and time-offs. It also helps track vacation days and sick leave, so everything’s fair and organized.

  • Payroll

HRMS is also an expert at handling your company’s finances, like calculating paychecks, deducting/adding taxes, and bonuses, if any. It makes sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time without any errors.

  • Applicant Tracking System

This feature helps find and hire the right people from several applicants. It can organize resumes from best to worst, helping you pick the perfect candidates.

  • Training and Development

HRMS software also works after professional learning and development. It keeps track of training programs and helps employees learn new and relevant skills, supporting their career growth.

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HCM (Human Capital Management) software is designed to manage the entire employee or “human capital” lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. This software’s integrated approach sets it apart, combining different functions in one place. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, one main focus of HCM (Human Capital Management software) is to improve talent management.

  • Improve HR operations

HCM software speeds up HR tasks, making them quicker and easier. It can also automate paperwork on your behalf, giving HR teams more time to pay attention to meaningful work.

  • Data-driven decisions

Sometimes, statistical research is what you need to make better decisions. So, an HCM gives you all the necessary numbers and trends regarding your workforce. This is the solution to make smarter choices based on solid data.

  • Manage Employee Data

Storing all kinds of employee information, from personal contact details to their job history, in one place is made easier with an HCM. It makes finding, updating, changing, and managing that data simple.

  • Workforce management

This software lets you plan and track your team’s work and progress, be it their routine schedules or upcoming tasks.

Attract, engage, and retain: You can make every employee’s experience satisfactory. Features like easy-to-use job portals, personalized and customizable onboarding experiences, constant learning programs, and clear career progression paths make HCM software effective in attracting and keeping top talent.

Benefits of HR Software


1. Fully Automated HR Software

Imagine not needing to do any of those repetitive and sometimes complicated HR tasks one by one by hand. That is what a fully automated and intelligent HR software can do – it will take the responsibility of tracking each employee’s time-offs or requests, payroll management, and updating employee records right on time without you even lifting a finger. This feature is a total game-changer because it lets an HR manager and all employees put their sole focus on more important work, making the workplace better for everyone. It’s like having a super-efficient and 24/7 intelligent assistant that is never off-duty.

2. Accurate Data and Reporting

Getting data that is factually correct and updated on time is a must, especially when it comes to the human resource management field. However, with HR software, you can trust that all the information about your employees, from the number of hours worked to their detailed work progress, is 100% accurate. This is crucial because it means decisions are made using utterly reliable info. For example, having correct data promises that salary hikes or promotions will be utterly equal.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings

It would help if you thought of HR software as a wise investment. Initially, it’s just another added expense, but it saves your business much money over time. Automating tasks and improving efficiency eliminates the need to hire extra staff to handle different HR tasks. Plus, avoiding errors in payroll and maintaining a healthy workplace also reduces costly errors and ensures employee retention.

4. Data Analytics and Reporting

Regarding the efficiency of data analytics in HR software, you can see trends and patterns that you could have otherwise overlooked. For example, it can show if a particular team or department is constantly working overtime or if one department has a high/slow turnover rate. This insight is helpful before making big decisions because it’s based on crisp and factual data.

How To Choose the Best HR Software?

Now that you know all the plus points of HR software, you should know how to choose the best one. Go ahead and ask yourself these 6 questions before choosing your go-to software:

1. Is The Software Pocket Friendly?

First, think about how much you can spend from your budget without going overboard. The best HR software shouldn’t necessarily have to be hard on your pockets. It should offer a good value and fit all the desired features on your list. So always look for transparent pricing with no hidden costs or “tax” and added options to scale as your business grows.

2. Is The Software Integrated With Other Systems?

Your new HR software should mingle well with the other programs you use. Whether it’s your email system, calendars, project management tools, or accounting system, a clean, wholesome and smooth integration means less hassle and more efficiency.

3. How Automated Is The HR Software?

The more the software can work independently, the less you have to. Automation in HR software means it can single-handedly take care of scheduling interviews, tracking applications or even managing leave requests without needing you to intervene manually every time.

4. How Great Are The Features?

Next, ask yourself what that software brings to the table. Does it include all your HR needs, from recruiting and onboarding to performance management, payroll management, and offboarding? If you’ve checked off all your features, it’s time to give this software the go-ahead.

5. Is Customer Support Worth It?

Sometimes, even the best software can have its minus points. It could be a lagging dashboard or slower updates. And when it does happen, you want a quick and helpful support team to get you the help you need. Excellent customer support is non-negotiable, so choose software that is always ready to help you with solutions and answers.

6. Do They Offer A Free HR Software Demo?

Last but not least, always try before you buy. A demo lets you take a quick peek at what you’ll be investing in. This free demo will allow you to see the software in action, helping you figure out if it’s the right partner for your company. To give you a clearer and more in-depth guide, you can read our blog on Top 20 HR Software, which has an extensive list of reviews and pricing.

StartupHR is the ultimate matchmaker for companies that are looking for their ideal HR software. They offer a free, personalized service that pairs you with today’s leading solutions like DarwinBox and KekaHR. With a track record of helping over 7000 companies, including industry giants, StartupHR will promise to find the HR software that fits your needs perfectly.

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How Much Does HR Software Cost?

HR software pricing is based on many factors, such as the number of users, features needed, and level of customization. It’s all about what you need and how big your team is.

1. Subscription Base Price

This is like a monthly, quarterly or even yearly membership for your HR software. You pay regularly to keep using the software, and the cost can sometimes go up or down depending on which features or number of users you add. In India, getting started with any basic HR software is very affordable, with plans starting at just INR 100-200 for each user every month. But if you’re after the full package with the entire feature combo, you would be paying somewhere around INR 2,000-5,000 per user monthly. Although in the USA, the starting base price is around $10-30 per user each month. And if you wish to go ahead with all the advanced features, the charge could go upto $300 per user monthly or even more.

2. One Time Payment

Think of this as going out to buy something out of a store. This involves no recurring fee, but some add-on updates or new features might cost you extra. Now if you’re looking to buy an HR software with a one and one purchase in India, you could get a basic setup for approximately INR 10,000 (although this might shift). But if you wish to customise and add some extra features, you might be looking at a price upwards of INR 5 lakh. Whereas in the USA, the starting price for a one-time only purchase could be around $200-300. But if you’re looking for more of the premium, holistic versions, you could be charged around $8000- $12000 or more.

3. Customization Software Base Pricing

This is like getting an outfit made just for you, according to your measurements. Only here do you pay according to the choice of your features. The costing of a fully customized HR software completely depends on how many unique tweaks and features you add to make the customizable HR software that perfectly matches your company’s needs. ($100,000/ INR 1 lakh).

4. Implementation & Maintenance Cost

Getting your HR software up and running might involve some initial setup work and some help from specialists. Maintaining it over time could also require additional costs for updates and support to keep it functioning correctly.

List Of HR Software In India

Here’s a list of popular HR software in India, each with tools to help you handle your HR tasks better. From all-in-one solutions to specific services, there’s something here for every business.

1. Keka

Keka HR, started in 2015, is an HR software from India that’s really made a name for itself in the HR world. It packs all kinds of HR tools into one simple package, changing how businesses handle their HR stuff and making things smoother for employees too. It is known for being super easy to use and flexible enough to fit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

2. Uknowva

Uknowva is excellent for small businesses and startups because it makes work easier by automating routine tasks and boosting both efficiency and productivity. It’s customizable, saves money, and even has a store for add-ons. Plus, it’s cloud-based and mobile-friendly, making it convenient and user-friendly.

3. Zimyo

Zimyo is a top choice for managing your team and helping companies keep and nurture great employees. It offers a simple way to keep tabs on every employee’s work with clear, up-to-the-minute reports. Setting up shifts and managing time off is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly setup. Plus, it combines HR and payroll tasks and gives employees a portal to manage their details.

4. greytHR

GreytHR is a popular HR software used by over 20,000 companies, mainly in India and GCC countries. It’s great for small businesses, making HR tasks automatic and easy. They also have fantastic support, webinars, and a community forum where you can learn and share HR tips.

5. Wallet HR

This HR software offers a complete solution for managing employee activities, from hiring to retirement. It’s designed to track and process all employee data efficiently, making it ideal for businesses of any size. With an easy interface and helpful customer support, it simplifies leave applications, document sharing, and payroll management, providing a user-friendly experience for everyone.

6. SumHR

SumHR is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses, moving you away from old-school paperwork and spreadsheets. It’s all about creating a smooth experience for your team, keeping track of attendance, setting goals, and much more. SumHR is super easy to set up and use, with excellent features like automatic birthday emails and easy payslip downloads, making everyday HR tasks a breeze. And it’s free as well!

7. Qandle

Qandle is a bright, all-in-one HR tool perfect for growing companies. It’s designed to make HR tasks automatic, saving tons of time. Employees love having a single spot to check their HR details, and leaders get a clear view of the whole team. With Qandle, you can easily handle HR basics, payroll, talent management, and even travel expenses. Plus, its user-friendly design and flexibility mean no more boring Excel sheets; everything from leaves to payroll is a click away.


HR software is a game-changer for professionals in today’s hectic workplace as it saves so much paperwork and frees HR professionals up to concentrate on some other meaningful work.

StartupHR Software is your go-to guide for finding the perfect HR software, offering you a hassle-free, cost-free and error-free service for your unique business needs. With a deep knowledge of exactly what startups and businesses of all sizes need, they can link you with top HR software options like DarwinBox, KekaHR, and Zimyo.

Whether you’re a growing startup or an already well-established brand, their dedicated team of experts are there to help you pick just the right HR solution. With a successful history of guiding more than 7000 companies, such as industry leaders Shiprocket and Enrich, StartupHR is your trusted partner in navigating the HR software arena!

Free Netflix Subscription in India

How to get Free Netflix Subscription in India

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses require streamlined and efficient HR processes to thrive That’s where HR software comes in, offering a plethora of benefits to organizations of all sizes. If you’re passionate about helping businesses discover the power of HR software, we have an exciting offer for you!

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how to get netflix for free without paying

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Benefits of Referring

Why should you take advantage of our Free Netflix Subscription Offer? Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Help Businesses Grow

By referring organizations to discover the benefits of HR software, you’re contributing to their growth and success. You’re helping them become more efficient, competitive, and employee-friendly.

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3. Strengthen Your Network

Building relationships with businesses in need of HR software can lead to valuable connections and collaborations. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Our Partnership with HR Software Companies

At StartupHR Software, we’ve joined forces with the Top HR software in India to provide top-notch HR software demos. These partnerships enable us to offer businesses a comprehensive view of the HR software solutions available in the market.

Our partners are critical in helping organizations make informed decisions about their HR software needs.


Here is the list of Top Rated HR Software


1. Keka

Keka is a comprehensive HR and payroll management solution designed to simplify HR operations for businesses of all sizes. Efficient management of human resources is made possible with its user-friendly interface and robust features.

Key Features

1. Employee self-service portal.
2. Leave and attendance management.
3. Payroll processing with tax compliance.
4. Talent management and recruitment tools.
5. Customizable workflows and reporting.


2. Unknova

Unknova is an emerging HR software solution focusing on talent acquisition and management. Companies seeking to streamline HR processes will benefit from its modern approach to recruitment.

Key Features

1. Applicant tracking system (ATS) for streamlined hiring.
2. Employee performance tracking and feedback.
3. Onboarding and training modules.
4. Integration with job boards and social media platforms.
5. Data analytics for informed decision-making.


3. Zimyo

Zimyo is an end-to-end HR software platform designed to simplify HR tasks and empower organizations with actionable insights. It offers a customizable approach to HR management for businesses of any size and industry.

Key Features

1. Employee database and records management.
2. Time and attendance tracking.
3. Employee engagement and feedback tools.
4. Compliance management and document storage.
5. Integration with third-party applications.


4. Darwinbox

Darwinbox is a cloud-based HR software that focuses on enhancing employee experiences and enabling HR professionals to manage their workforce efficiently. It’s a preferred choice for enterprises looking for a scalable HR solution.

Key Features

1. Employee self-service with a mobile app.
2. Performance management and feedback.
3. Learning and development modules.
4. Analytics and predictive insights.
5. Integration with payroll and other HR systems.


5. greatHR

A comprehensive HR management tool, greatHR provides a number of features to help HR procedures run more smoothly. It offers a strong basis for HR operations while meeting the various needs of enterprises.

Key Features

1. Employee information management.
2. Leave and attendance tracking.
3. Payroll processing and compliance.
4. Employee engagement and surveys.
5. Customizable workflows and role-based access.


6. 247 HRM

For small and medium-sized enterprises, 247 HRM is an easy-to-use HR software. It is the best option for businesses looking for efficiency and simplicity because it provides necessary HR capabilities on an intuitive platform.

Key Features

1. Employee data management.
2. Leave and attendance management.
3. Salary and payroll processing.
4. Employee self-service portal.
5. Compliance and reporting tools.


7. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based HR and payroll software designed for the modern workplace. It combines HR and payroll features with automation, making HR processes hassle-free and efficient.

Key Features

1. Employee lifecycle management.
2. Leave and attendance tracking.
3. Statutory compliance and tax calculations.
4. Employee self-service and mobile app.
5. Customizable reports and analytics.

The Power of HR Software

Before we discuss our exciting offer, let’s understand why HR software is essential for businesses today.

1. Streamlined HR Processes

HR software makes complex HR tasks easier, from payroll management to employee onboarding. It streamlines processes, saving time and reducing errors. With automated workflows, HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative chores.

2. Enhanced Employee Experience

Modern HR software offers self-service options for employees. This enables them to access their information and request leave or benefits seamlessly. Such options effectively enhance the employee experience and empower the workforce.

3. Data-Driven Insights

HR software collects and analyzes data, providing valuable insights into employee performance, engagement, and retention. These insights enable data-driven decision-making and help organizations optimize their HR strategies.


Unlocking the potential of HR software has never been more rewarding. By referring organizations to explore HR software solutions, you can now enjoy your favourite shows and movies with our Free Netflix Subscription in India Offer.

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Why use HR Software? Understand Its Impact on Business Growth

Why use HR Software

In today’s fast-paced business world, the question isn’t whether to adopt technology but which technology to adopt. One field where this is particularly evident is human resources. So, why use HR software? The answer lies in the myriad of challenges HR professionals deal with on a daily basis, from managing payroll to ensuring compliance.

This article explores various types, benefits, and popular options of HR software, especially focusing on the landscape of HR Software in India.

Types of HR Software


1. HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

An HRMS is a complete HR software package that includes several HR tasks: hiring, time and attendance, compliance, payroll, employee self-service, performance management, and learning management. The platform incorporates all of the different HR procedures.

An HRMS guarantees that all employee-related operations are simplified and consolidated by giving modules for diverse HR functions. Along with increasing productivity, this also gives managers and planners a more complete picture of the staff, which is helpful.


2. HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

The primary goal of an HRIS is to manage and protect personnel data. Consider it a digital database or vault for all employee data, including contact details and professional records like performance evaluations and training records. Although it could include certain HRMS features, its key benefit is its capability to effectively store, retrieve, and update employee data.

It ensures that HR professionals can easily access any information they want, improving the effectiveness of procedures like reporting, compliance, and decision-making.


3. HCM (Human Capital Management)

Human resource management is approached more strategically with HCM solutions. While they take care of the essential HR duties, their main objective is optimizing the complete employee lifecycle.

It covers talent management (performance evaluations, training, and development), talent acquisition (recruiting and onboarding), and HR core administration (payroll, benefits, and compliance). HCM software seeks to optimize individuals’ abilities by treating them as valuable assets, ensuring they contribute effectively to the company’s goals and objectives.

Benefits of HR Software


1. Data Management

HR software offers a unified platform where all employee data, from personal details to performance metrics, can be stored, accessed, and managed. It ensures that data is organized and easily recoverable and removes the requirement for bulky paper files or multiple spreadsheets. With everything in one place, HR professionals can quickly pull up any information they need, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.


2. Reduced Errors

Human error is standard in Manual data entry and calculations, especially in areas like payroll. These mistakes can lead to financial discrepancies, employee dissatisfaction, and even legal issues. HR software automates many of these processes, significantly reducing errors and ensuring employees receive accurate pay and benefits.


3. Cost-Effective

HR software may have an upfront cost, leading to significant savings in the long run. Automated processes mean reduced manual labour, leading to time and cost savings. Additionally, by minimizing errors, companies can avoid fines or legal disputes. Over time, the software pays for itself through increased efficiency and reduced overhead costs.


4. Attendance Monitoring

HR Software makes keeping track of employee attendance, leaves, and overtime very easy. HR software ensures accurate timekeeping, whether a simple punch-in system or advanced biometric integration. It helps managers monitor team availability, make appropriate plans, and assist with payroll processing.


5. Data Security

Employee information is delicate and has to be protected at all costs. Strong security precautions are built into HR software, including encryption, secure login procedures, and routine backups. It ensures that private information about individuals and businesses is protected from hacks or illegal access.


6. Decision-Making

Data-driven decisions are essential in today’s business landscape. HR software offers analytics and insights from employee data, helping managers and executives helping them make informed choices. Accurate data at one’s fingertips helps one make the most effective decisions for the business, whether it be about promotions, training requirements, or hiring tactics.


7. Reports and Analytics

Beyond basic data storage, HR software also provides thorough reporting and analytics tools. HR professionals can develop detailed reports on diverse metrics, from turnover rates to training effectiveness. These insights can emphasize areas of progress, showcase successes, and guide future HR strategies. Stakeholders may always clearly understand the organization’s HR landscape thanks to visual dashboards and configurable reports.

Find HR Software - Banner

Benefits of HR System to Employees


1. Digital Onboarding

The first few days at a new job can be overwhelming. By giving new workers access to all the tools they require in one location, digital onboarding streamlines this process. With forms, introductions, corporate regulations, and training materials all available digitally, onboarding ensures employees have a seamless start. It also decreases the time spent on executive tasks, permitting new hires to focus on settling into their roles.


2. Self-Service Portals

Self-service portals empower employees by giving them direct access to personal and professional data. Rather than contacting HR for every minor question or update, employees can log in to the portal to view payslips E or even check their leave balance. It fosters a sense of autonomy and also speeds up many administrative tasks.


3. Leave Request

With an HR system, requesting and tracking leaves becomes a straightforward process. Employees may quickly ask for leaves, examine their remaining leaves, and determine how their requests progress. Employees may view any permissions or denials and the justifications behind them thanks to the technology, which encourages openness. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and makes sure that employees and managers are on the same page.


4. Attendance Tracking

For both employees and employers, monitoring accurate attendance is essential. Thanks to an HR system, employees clearly understand their attendance records, including absences or late or early arrivals. This transparency ensures no surprises during performance reviews or payroll calculations. Additionally, it permits employees to plan better and ensure they meet any attendance criteria set by the company.


5. Tax Management

Managing taxes can be complicated, particularly regarding deductions, exemptions, and declarations. An HR system streamlines tax management by equipping employees with tools to declare investments, view tax deductions, and generate tax sheets. It not only assures compliance but also helps employees plan their finances better.

List of Top Rated HR Software in India 2023


1. Keka

Founded in 2015, Keka is a modern HR software solution tailored for Indian businesses. It offers a blend of traditional HR functionalities with contemporary features.


    • Comprehensive payroll management
    • Time and attendance tracking
    • Performance appraisal system
    • Employee self-service portal
    • Recruitment and onboarding modules


2. Qandle

Qandle provides customizable HR software that adapts to specific business requirements. It emphasizes cloud-based infrastructure for seamless HR operations.


  • Configurable workflows and approval structures
  • Comprehensive leave and attendance management
  • Expense claims and reimbursements
  • Continuous feedback and performance management
  • Mobile application for on-the-go access


3. Pocket HRMS

With its cloud-based infrastructure, Pocket HRMS is designed to be scalable and suitable for businesses of all sizes. It emphasizes automation to reduce manual HR tasks.


  • Cloud-based payroll processing
  • Biometric integration for attendance
  • AI-powered chatbot for HR queries
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Document management system


4. Spine HRMS

Spine HRMS is known for its robustness and comprehensive feature set. It’s designed to cater to the intricate HR needs of medium to large enterprises.


  • End-to-end payroll management
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Time and attendance modules
  • Mobile application for remote access
  • Advanced analytics and reporting


5. Zimyo

Zimyo is a cloud-based HR software that quickly gained traction due to its intuitive design and feature-rich platform.


  • Payroll automation with compliance checks
  • Time tracking and leave management
  • Performance appraisal workflows
  • Employee benefits and claims management
  • Recruitment and applicant tracking system


6. 247 HRM

247 HRM focuses on providing a holistic HR solution with an emphasis on payroll functionalities. It’s a preferred choice for many businesses looking for reliable HR and Payroll Software.


  • Comprehensive payroll processing with tax management
  • Biometric and mobile-based attendance tracking
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Training and development modules
  • Grievance redressal and feedback system


In an era where data drives decisions and efficiency is the cornerstone of success, the role of HR software becomes necessary. Why use HR software? It’s about more than just simplifying and streamlining operations or digitizing records. It uses data’s capacity to forecast trends, comprehend workforce dynamics, and promote a continual improvement culture.

With the right HR software, businesses can drive beyond standard and traditional administrative tasks to unlock deeper insights about their workforce, allowing them to strategize better, improve productivity, and, eventually, achieve their organizational objectives. HR software is a catalyst for change in the vast fabric of modern companies, not merely a tool.

Which HR Software is Best in India? A Complete Guide for 2023

Which HR Software is Best in India

Effective HR software is mandatory for intelligent working, irrespective of whether you’re a growing startup working manually with spreadsheets or a 1000-staff organization with an extended product portfolio list. Human resources software is primarily designed to assist HR managers and employees in performing tasks more effectively, ensuring compliance, minimizing errors, and boosting productivity. Businesses of different sizes use it to manage employee information and HR-related functions through the central cloud system.


More than half of the industry has adopted HR management software to fulfil their payroll application needs or benefit from a sophisticated suite of technologies that integrates onboarding, document management processes, and benefits administration. In this blog, we have covered everything about the hows & whys of HR software, and at the end, you will get answers to the question – ‘Which HR software is best in India for your business?

1. What does HR Software do?


HR software manages the end-to-end HR processes by automating, streamlining, optimizing, and accelerating them. It acts as a central employee management system that stores all the data at a single location rather than multiple areas such as Google Sheets, Files, Microsoft Excel, Email, etc. HR software encourages the HR teams to ‘Value Addition, Improved Results & Achieving Business Goals.’ It may arrive in the form of higher engagement, decreased turnover, enhanced creativity, higher organizational growth & improved organizational strength.


The cloud-based all-in-one HR software digitizes the entire employee cycle hire-to-retire from Recruitment, Onboarding, and Employee engagement to learning & development progress, payroll, and Offboarding. Employees can check invoices, stay updated with holidays, submit time-off requests, or modify their information at one click through their cell phones.


2. Why is HR Software essential?


HR software plays a vital role in organizations nowadays by giving them a new direction for managing HR tasks irrespective of size. Due to the presence of cloud-based HR software, the complex Human resource processes are broken into an efficient workflow system. It streamlines various processes & automates employee data management, compliance tracking, payroll processing, and benefits administration. It saves enormous time and effort of staff that was previously wasted in manually coordinating each other & waiting a long time for approvals. Moreover, the scope of human-made errors is reduced by a significant number.


In the context of India, where businesses are rapidly evolving, having the best HR software in India becomes crucial. The critical strategies companies design might only be fruitful if created without analyzing the trends. Henceforth, HR software covers this gap through its aspects of analytics and reporting that provide insightful data for better decision-making and developing impactful employee management strategies in alignment with the organizational goals. Although it involves the initial investment, the long-term benefits organizations get through improved efficiency, compliance, and employee experience are worth it.


3. How much does HR software cost for a small business?


Cloud-based HR software in India is available at varied pricing, from INR 20/- per employee per month to INR 3000/- + per employee per month. If you are a small-sized business with less than 50 employees & minimal requirements, your cost would be between INR 20/- to INR 100/- per employee every month, billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. This price varies if you need specific customizations & personalized integrations to the HR software.


After you evaluate the core features offered by such HR software in India under a particular price tag, you will be better positioned to choose the right software for your firm. Once you understand the pricing & features offered by specific software, you can decide Which HR software is best for your company for long-term growth.

Find HR Software - Banner

5. Pros and Cons HR Software

Here are the Pros and Cons of HR Software:




1. Accuracy

HR software automates the core HR processes so we get accurate data results. It is achieved by minimizing the human-based errors from manually handling tasks such as salary calculations, data entry, etc.


2. Compliance

The HR software sends timely reminders and tools for legal requirements. With the help of HR software, companies perform every task in compliance with labour laws and regulations.


3. Centralized Data

Data access & its overall management gets more straightforward with the centralized database provided by the HR software. Such a cloud-based system stores the entire employee information at one location & the authorized people can retrieve it in seconds whenever needed.


4. Efficiency

HR software widely increases efficiency as manual working gets reduced due to the automation of multiple tasks such as payroll processing, employee onboarding, leave management, attendance tracking, etc.


5. Analytics & Reporting

Most of the HR software solutions have the feature of data analytics & reporting. It allows the firms to generate automated reports & make informed decisions solely after evaluating the insights & trends.




1. Data Security

Although HR software providers ensure that the stored data is safe, it might lead to several fraudulent activities or security risks if it is not managed effectively.


2. Learning Curve

Employees who have always worked manually might need to help understanding & getting comfortable with the new software. It might take weeks to months, resulting in a learning curve.


3. Technical Issues

Irrespective of how efficiently the HR software is prepared, it might have glitches or downtime at certain times. Such dependency on cloud-based software might lead to severe technical issues and disruption in the day-to-day HR operations.


4. Cost

The overall maintenance & implementation costs could be a timely recurring amount & an additional burden, especially when you are a startup or a small business.


5. Customization

HR software is designed in a way that only partially fulfils every organization’s personalized requirements. Henceforth, customization shall be required to meet the firm’s intricate details.

Which is the Best HR Software in India?


Evaluate your organization’s budget, size & specific needs before finalizing the right HR software. Now, let’s deep dive to understand Which HR software is best for your firm.

Here is the List of the best HR software in India:


1. KekaHR

KekaHR is an employee engagement HR software in India best for small to mid-sized businesses. This modern software has helped companies enhance productivity and make informed decisions. Its pricing starts from INR 60/- per month for an employee. The basic plan pricing is INR 6,999/- monthly for 100 employees.


1. ESS Portal
2. Onboarding
3. Time and Attendance Management
4. Hiring and Applicant Tracking
5. Core HR Functions
6. Performance Management
7. Payroll and Expense Management


2. greytHR

greytHR is the leading comprehensive suite of cloud HR solutions for Medium to Large Organizations. The package starts from INR 1495/- per month & it charges an extra INR 25/- for every additional employee.



1. ESS and Mobile App
2. HR Compliance
3. Onboarding Software
4. Employee Lifecycle Management
5. HR Reports and Analytics
6. Document Management
7. Payroll Management Middle East & India


3. Zimyo

Zimyo is India’s all-in-one cloud-based HRMS and Payroll provider best suited for startups and small to medium enterprises with its 40+ modules. Its pricing starts from INR 60/- for every employee per month, billed monthly as well as annually. This pricing is customizable as per your unique requirements.



1. Payroll & Expense Management
2. Bilingual Mobile Application
3. Timesheet Management
4. Automated Announcements
5. Goal Setting, Tracking & Management
6. Applicant Tracking Software
7. Asset Management


4. Qandle

Qandle is an intuitive HR software in India best for small, medium & large organizations. The minimum package of Qandle HR software is INR 2450/- per month for 50 employees. You have to pay an extra amount of INR 49/- for every additional employee.



1. Payroll Management
2. Travel and Expense Management
3. Recruitment
4. Onboarding & Offboarding
5. Attendance and Leave Management
6. Employee Self Service
7. Learning and Development


5. Spine HR

Spine HR is India’s best HRMS and Fixed Asset Management solution provider best suited for SMEs. It automates & streamlines everything from employee demographics to TDS, challans, & pay structures. Its pricing varies as per the customer’s requirement.



1. Employee Life Cycle
2. Leave Management
3. Performance Management System
4. Workflow
5. Integrated Statutory Compliances
6. Time & Attendance
7. Loan Management


6. Paybooks

Paybook is the cloud-based leading HR software majorly famous for its outstanding payroll outsourcing services that simplify core HR functions. Its pricing starts from INR 2,999/- INR monthly for 30 employees covered under a regular plan. You must pay INR 50/- per month for every additional employee. Their premium plan costs INR 4,999/- month for 30 employees & INR 75/- month for every extra employee.



1. Biometric Devices
2. Auto-Generated Salary Slips
3. Digitally Signed Form 16
4. Mis Reports
5. Compliance Reports
6. Payroll Management
7. Self Service App


7. Zoho

Zoho is the cloud-based HRMS platform best for medium to large businesses. Its starting package is INR 42/- per employee monthly, where billing is done annually. The five users can also access essential HR functions for a lifetime, according to their free plan.



1. Performance Management
2. Employee Onboarding
3. Employee Self-Service
4. Reporting & Analytics
5. Time and Attendance Management
6. Case Management
7. Customized Core HR Solutions

7. Integration and Compatibility


HR software integrates with other essential business tools such as payroll software, applicant tracking systems (ATS), time-tracking solutions, etc. Integration capabilities are crucial to streamline processes for a seamless workflow, improved efficiency, and enhanced data accuracy. Here is how HR software integrates with other essential business tools:


# Applicant tracking systems (ATS)

HR software integrates with the Applicant tracking systems (ATS) that help streamline the hiring process, from online job posting and candidate application tracking to interacting with the applicant for scheduling interviews.


# Payroll Software

HR software solutions automate payroll processes such as employee salary calculation, disbursement & other benefits by integrating with the payroll software. It helps in eliminating human-made errors & saves enormous time for the HR department.


# Performance Management

HR software solutions integrate with various other performance management tools apart from what it has by default for streamlining the entire process of goal setting, employee work progress tracking, and giving constructive feedback to employees.


# Time and Attendance

HR software generally integrates with time and attendance systems for tracking employee attendance such as vacation time, total working hours, sick leave, & other time offs. Such an integration allows accurate & timely payment to the employees.


# Benefits Administration

HR software generally integrates with the benefits administration tools for creating, updating & handling employee benefits such as liaising with suppliers, new employee enrollments, invoice generation, etc.


The HR software integration with various business tools is quintessential nowadays. Such an integration centralizes data and automates repetitive tasks, saving a considerable amount of time for HR staff. As a result, it lets them focus on more strategic decision-making processes for driving overall business success. Furthermore, it helps organizations streamline the core HR processes, curtail the scope of human errors, and improve efficiency.


8. Industry Specificity


Finding the right HR software that caters to all industries and business sizes is helpful in the long run. All such software provides unique advantages to meet your industry-specific needs. Moreover, such customizable HR software is a pro when you modify your HR requirements, such as changing employee size, needing additional security, etc. In such cases, you can jump to premium plans or customize the current strategy instead of changing your existing HR software provider. It is a cost-effective & time-saving solution that will add value to your business. This way, your employees will not have to go through the entire process of understanding the new HR system from scratch.


9. Final Recommendation


Based on the online ranking and our analysis, we recommend KekaHR as the best HR software in India for small businesses. What makes it the number 1 choice among small businesses is its cost-effective pricing, user-friendly interface, and all-in-one HR management platform from payroll to talent management. Try out this software with a free trial initially to understand how it will benefit your business in the long run. Visit StartupHR Software‘s official website and fill out the form stating your personalized requirements & we shall get back to you with a free demo session of the software that best meets your needs.

Affordable HR Software for Startups and Growing Businesses

Affordable HR software for startups

Affordable HR Software for Startups and Growing Businesses


In the fast-paced world of startups and growing businesses, effective human resources management plays a crucial role in driving success. However, limited resources and budget constraints often pose challenges for entrepreneurs who need robust HR solutions without breaking the bank. That’s where affordable HR software comes to the rescue!

This blog will explore Affordable HR Software for Startups and Growing Businesses.

Importance of HR Software

1. Streamlines HR processes and reduces manual administrative tasks.

2. Improves accuracy and efficiency in managing employee data, attendance, and payroll.

3. Enables effective performance management and goal tracking.

4. Enhances employee engagement and self-service capabilities.

5. Ensures compliance with legal and statutory requirements.

6. Facilitates data-driven decision-making through analytics and reporting.

7. Simplifies recruitment and onboarding processes.

8. Enables effective communication and collaboration within the organization.

9. Supports employee development and training initiatives.

10. Provides centralized access to HR information, promoting organizational transparency.

Top Affordable HR Software in India


1. Keka

Keka is an affordable HR software that offers a comprehensive range of features for growing businesses. They provide a User-friendly interface that automates and streamlines HR Processes and focuses on your cost.

1. Payroll software
2. Performance Management
3. Leave and attendance tracking
4. Employee Onboarding
5. Professional Services Automation
6. Real-Time Insights
7. Mobile App and GPS tracking


2. greytHR

greytHR is a cost-effective HR solution that caters to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. They offer a wide range of modules to simplify complex HR tasks. They also offer employee self-service leads to better engagement and time-saving.

1. HR Software
2. Payroll Software
3. Leave Management
4. Performance Management System
5. Mobile App
6. Attendance Management
7. Employee Self Service


3. Qandle

Qandle is a smart cloud base HR Software that covers entire HR activities From hire to retire. This platform is intuitive, with intelligent mobile app chatbots available for users. They also guarantee a smooth and quick implementation process.

1 . Hire and Onboard
2. Time tracking and attendance
3. Insights
4. Payroll Software
5. Employee Engagement
6. Intuitive, engaging, fun, and super easy to use


4. 247HRM

247HRM automate all the HR function from onboarding to exit. It is a very good tool for payroll processing & managing employee data. They currently have 1500+ clients across the top 20 industries.

1. Statutory Compliance
2. Payroll Software
3. Employee self-service
4. Attendance & Leave Management
5. Digital Onboarding
6. Training Tracking
7. Asset & Grievance Management


5. HRStop

HRstop helps your company to reduce 50% of time HR and payroll activities. It is an affordable solution designed to meet the needs of the growing business.

1. Recruitment, Leaves/ Attendance
2. Payroll & Compliance
3. Learning & Development
4. Employee onboarding
5. Rewards and Recognitions
6. Expense & Assets Management


6. TeamNest

TeamNest is a cloud base platform to simplify HR services for organizations of all sizes. They have self signup platform to manage your employee and organization processes quickly and easily. Also, they believe in creating a product that unites all features under the same roof.

1. Attendance and Leaves
2. Expenses and Asset
3. Compliance
4. Onboarding
5. Payroll Software
6. Timesheet

How Does HR Software Cost

The cost of HR software depends on various factors. Such as software provides, features, number of users, etc.

Here are the common ways in which HR Software is priced


1. Subscription-Based Pricing

In the market, many HR software provides subscription base price module. The business has to pay monthly or yearly for access or use of HR software. The cost is based on the number of users and features.


2. Pay Per Employee

It is a very common pricing module, Where the cost is based on the number of employees. Under this pricing structure, the business has to pay specific fees for each employee using HR software.


3. Implementation Costs

Setting up the software often incurs additional costs, including data migration, customization, and training for your staff. These costs will depend on the complexity of your HR processes and the level of customization required.

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Affordable HR Software offers Benefits for Startups


1. Cost-effectiveness

Affordable HR software is specifically designed to cater to the budget constraints of startups and growing businesses. It provides a cost-effective solution that offers essential HR features without incurring high expenses.


2. Time Savings

HR software automates manual administrative tasks, such as data entry, leave management and attendance tracking. This saves valuable time for HR personnel, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.


3. Improved Accuracy

Manual HR processes are prone to errors, which can lead to payroll discrepancies and compliance issues. HR software ensures data accuracy, reduces human errors, and minimizes the risk of compliance-related problems.


4. Streamlined HR processes

HR software streamlines various HR processes, including employee onboarding, performance management, leave management, and more. It provides a centralized platform for managing these tasks efficiently and effectively.


5. Enhanced Employee Self-Service

Affordable HR software often includes self-service features that empower employees to access and update their personal information, view payslips, request leaves, and participate in performance evaluations. This promotes employee engagement and reduces the administrative burden on HR staff.


6. Compliance and Legal Adherence

HR software typically incorporates features that help businesses stay compliant with employment laws and regulations. It automates calculations for statutory requirements such as taxes, deductions, and benefits, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


7. Data-Driven Insights

HR software provides analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to generate insights from HR data. These insights can help in identifying trends, assessing employee performance, and making informed decisions for organizational growth and development.


8. Scalability

Affordable HR software often offers scalability, allowing businesses to adapt and grow without having to switch to a different system. It can accommodate increasing employee numbers and evolving HR needs, providing a flexible solution for future expansion.


9. Improved Communication and Collaboration

Many HR software solutions offer features like internal communication tools, employee directories, and document-sharing capabilities. These facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among employees and HR teams, enhancing overall organizational efficiency.


10. Integration With other Systems

Affordable HR software can integrate with other business systems such as accounting, payroll, and project management software. This integration streamlines processes, eliminates data duplication, and improves overall system efficiency.

Benefits of Affordable HR Software

1. Cost-effective solution for startups and growing businesses.

2. Time-saving automation of administrative tasks.

3. Increased accuracy and reduced errors in HR processes.

4. Streamlined management of employee data and HR tasks.

5. Enhanced employee self-service capabilities and engagement.

7. Ensured compliance with legal and statutory requirements.

8. Data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

9. Scalability to accommodate business growth.

10. Improved communication and collaboration within the organization.

11. Integration with other systems for seamless operations.


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